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1. These regions were breath taking in their beauty, with pristine blue high-altitude lakes set against mountains and clear skies. The brilliance of nature contrasted with the normalcy of human activity. This is a pictorial of Tibet - a society that sustains a tough people in a vast space.

2. Loved the crystal clear and pristine blue skies. I flew into Lhasa drove 4000 kms much of it thru difficult terrain. Went north to Nyamtso Lake west to Shigatse and Gyantse. Saw a few fertile valleys, the rest of it was a barren plateau

3. The height of the plateau accentuates the strength of the sun and gave its people a unique look. Hats are a source of protection, fashion and identity. Information about Tibet and trip taken from Medha’s gallery page. As editor I added my two bit based on a 1998 visit to Kailash.

4. Monastery top of the hill, some climb. In case place referred to in caption is incorrect or any improvements please write in to

5. Small streams flow all over. Saw lots of them during drive from Nepal border to Mansarovar.

6. Bicycle, bikes and jeeps seem popular. For non-Tibetans need sun glasses because the sun hurts your eyes.

7. Not sure which lake but awesome.

8. We use similar malas in India whilst chanting.

9. Is this Mansarovar. When our group reached Mansarovar we were overjoyed just like this man is in the pic.

10. Paintings inside a Tibetan home. Right is Buddha, centre is Goddess (help with name).

11. Think they call these animals Yaks in Tibet. Look like Indian buffaloes. Are Tibetan Buddhists non-vegetarians?

12. How much I love this pic. Man has got a smart look, the yak looks so colourful. Very few Tibetans were camera shy actually quite talkative. As the terrain got tougher its impact was seen on the faces that I saw. Not sure which lake it is.

13. Looks like farming goes on here. One of the few places where I saw farming. Loved the colours.

14. Please help with pic details.

15. Tibetans love playing billiards. They are so engrossed that they do not bother if someone is clicking.

16. Inside a monastery. Please help with name.

17. Happy and smiling after a nice snack.

18. This looks like Lhasa.

19. Goddess with bow and arrow. Help with name.

20. How much I love the colour of the blue waters. Lady in front makes it even better.

21. These girls look good enough to take part in a television reality show, love the look.

22. Mount Kailash on the right. Om Namah Shivay.

23. Child holding on to mother. Can someone tell what is the lower garment called.

24. Their eyes say it all, have a zing. Extreme left see what looks like a cricket bat.

25. When you are subject to harsh climate the look changes. He removed his sunglasses for the pic.

26. Like in Spiti Valley Himachal the mountains have something distinct about them. Not sure which lake.

27. Love the colours in this pic.

28. . Good roads, electricity poles, fields and homes.

29. As colourful as it can get. Does this dress have a name.

30. This looks like the parikrama of the holy Kailash.

31. Shivji’s abode, Mount Kailash. Pranams. Om Namah Shivay.

32. Junk or Tibetan jewellery for sale. Notice the hat style.

33. . Loved this pic and the colours.

34. Looks like up a dried up river enroute the Kailash parikrama.

35. Looks like Mansrovar. Wear long pants when u enter the water so that your legs are covered. When we went one Mukherjee Uncle jumped into in shorts and had cuts all over because the water has a thin layer of ice.

36. Monk somewhere in Tibet.

37. Lots of monks.

38. Typical Tibet terrain.

39. The faces shows impact of tough terrain.

40. Colour of land and sky, what a contrast.

41. Tibetans loved billiards, note the clothing and blue waters.

42. Loved the colours, not sure if this is the parikrama route. Wish to thank Medha for sharing these lovely pictures.

43. Tough terrain impacts the look, this seems like Mansarovar. Hope it becomes cheaper to visit Tibet so that more Indians can enjoy.

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