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I visited Odisha in December 2013. Covered Bhubaneswar, Sun Temple Konarak and Puri. This collections shows handicrafts n textiles of Orissa. Shells at Chandrabhaga Beach i.e. a couple of kms away from Sun Temple. It was very cold and foggy when I reached at abt 5 am with intent to see sun rise ie considered worth seeing. Due to bad weather could not see.

In Puri was looking for a shop that showcased all products of Orissa handicraft. Fortunately came across shop Priyadarshini, VIP road, Puri. U see an overview of the first floor area. It has cane products, pattachitra paintings, shirts/bed sheets made of cotton, sarees, silver products and lots more.

Pattachitra Paintings displayed on a wall. To see pics of Pattachitra Paintings at the heritage village of Raghurajpur 10 kms away. Click here

Applique work products i.e. bags, lampshades etc. Loved the bags, bought many esp. for gifting. Applique work is made at Pipli i.e. enroute to Puri and villages around it. To see pics of applique work products at Pipli. Click here

U see Salwar Kameez pieces. Loved the variety of colors, designs and fabric. Took a couple of pieces for my wife - liked them. To see pics of Barmer Textiles who also specialize in applique work. Click here

Puri is associated with the Jagannath Temple. U see painting of the Jagannath Temple Yatra. To see pics of Ratha Yatra i.e. held in June. Click here

Cotton sarees displayed by a salesgirl. To know about Origin of Indian Saree. Click here

Silk sarees. ''Odisha produces some of the finest cotton, tassar and silk hand woven fabrics in India, esp. the world famous Tie & Dye (known as IKAT). The variety BOMKAI is richly brocaded in intricate patterns, woven by the ancient ''Jala'' technique n not with jacquard cards. The variety TASSAR is the hand spun wild silk woven in a wide range of counts, textures and varieties''.

This is silver filigree work called Tarakashi. ''The threads drawn of strips of silver as fine as spider web are woven by the silver smiths to create ornamental pieces, jewellery and utensils''.

Ikat Sarees. ''Barpali, Bargarh, Sonepur, Bomikhal are known centres of handloom sarees and textiles both in cotton and silk. Sambalpur, Berhampur, Mayurbhanj produce a striking range in Tussar silk. Tribal people of the state also excel in producing textiles of myriad hues using vegetable dyes''.

Paper Masks and related products. Missed taking pics of the ethnic art of Dhokra a metal casting technique practiced by tribals in districts of Dhenkanal, Mayurbhanj and Keonjhar.

This is silver filigree work called Tarakashi. To see pics of Raja Rani Temple Bhubaneswar. Click here

Orissa cotton bed sheet. Saw a number of lovely designs. Hope this tradition of making textiles continues in India. We can contribute to keeping it alive by purchasing such products even though prices of cotton handmade products might be higher than machine made ones.

Local blowing a Shankh at the Chandrabhaga beach. It is site for Magha Saptami festival in Jan/Feb every year when thousands flock to a take holy dip followed by watching sunrise. To see pics of Mukteswar Temple Bhubaneswar. Click here

Next two pics of Sun Temple Konarak - amongst the grandest temples that I have seen even though parts of temple no longer exist. U see a Mother caring for her children.

Entrance to Sun Temple Konarak, a UNESCO World Heritage site. This richly carved structure is bhoga mandir (hall of offering), some believe it to be a natya mandir (dance hall). To see pics of Sun Temple Konarak.Click here

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