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Raghurajpur is a Heritage village i.e. about 10 kms from Puri. It is famous for Pattachitra paintings and birthplace of well known Odissi dancer Kelucharan Mohapatra. Their work is on treated cloth, dry palm leaf of paper. U see entrance to village. To know more about the heritage village of Raghurajpur Click here

Village is situated on the southern bank of the river Bhargavi. I first met with Pranab Narayan Das, a Pattachitra artist, at his home in Puri. He lived in Raghurajpur village but moved to Puri to be closer to the customer. This collection showcases the work of various artists. This and the next four pics showcase his work. This painting shows Panchmukhi dancing Lord Ganesh.

This painting shows Kamadhenu Cow with Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva above. The primary products in Raghurajpur are pattachitra paintings, palm leaf engravings, paper mache toys and masks, wood carvings, wooden toys, cowdung toys and tusser paintings. Pranab Das''s wife is also an accomplished artist in palm leave engravings.

Painting - creation of Vishnu, Lord Jagannath. There are about 200 homes running east to west actually overlooking each other. Presiding Goddess of the village is Bhuasuni. To see pics of Puri Ratha Yatra Click here

Top left is Krishna Kandrp Hati (inside elephant are Gopis) next top is Yagnya Narayan. Below left is Sun Temple Konarak and right is Krishnakandrpghoda.

Painting - story of Ramayana. Centre of pic is Lord Ram, Sita and brother Lakshman with Hanuman. My Canon camera lens got spoilt at Konarak so had to use old Olympus camera. Pics not come as well. Pranab Das contacts are 91 9437632111, 91 9776924900, He is also on facebook.

Thru Pranab Das was introduced to Narayan Das artist who lives in the village. He deputed one of his assistants to take me around the village. U saw entrance to village in pic 1. We walked around, peeped into people''s homes to see what they are doing, everyone welcomed us and showcased their work. In the verandah of a home you see a artist at work.

In one of the homes saw these young girls undergoing training. The first girl is doing palm leaf engraving while the other two are drawing. Every house that we saw had men and women working on some painting or handicraft. In most homes craftsperson introduced themselves as a State or National Award Winner. I got a complex and began to question my achievements in life.

Masks artist. Process is as follows. Step one is mitti ka or mud ka mould. Put paper and dry in sun. Then cowdung and mitti (mud) paste on mould. Stone chalk powder and imli ke gum a paste is applied. Next stone see ghiste hai. Lastly color. Not sure but think this is home of Keshab Handicrafts - Kumari Sasmit Maharana 91 9938142847, 91 8984439409. Won Odisha State Merit Award in 2007.

U see lady painting fruit, in hand is a big cocunut beautifully painted. People are very simple and nice - no airs. We were welcomed into their home cum workplace, happily displayed their work, gave me visiting card, offered tea and all with a smile.

A senior artist painting in his verandah. "The word “Patta” means cloth and the word “Chitra” means a picture. Thus Patta chitra is a form of painting that is done on cloth. The art form can be traced to as early as the 12th century A.D and has evolved around the Jagannath tradition in Orissa." To read more Click here

I was walking by when saw this lady doing some intricate painting work.

As I was walking around craftsman family Panchanan Roul of Sairam Painting Centre invited me to his workplace. Top coconuts painted and centre Radha Krishna painting. His nos 91 7873076432. Really liked all his work.

Radha Krishna painting. This is Maa Dakshinakali Art and Crafts Culture. Contact Akshaya Ku Bariki. Contacts 91 9937371147 and 91 9938668732,

Artist painting masks and bowl. This work requires lots of patience and very fine work.

Centre has Krishna and Arjuna in chariot in the Mahabharata. This is in Akshaya Bariki shop refer pic no 14. He has a very good collection of work in pattachitra, palm leaf carving items. Has lots of variety in product range. Smarter than others - so bargain hard with Akshaya.

Just loved this painting - could not get my eyes off it. As I said Akshaya Bariki shop has very good stuff.

Coconut cover is used to make these products. Very impressive. This shop is before you enter the village, opp Das Handicrafts shop.

Paintings at the home of Dillip Kumar Prusty. By far the nicest artist that we met at the village and very good work as well. He was the only artist to cover paintings with plastic. He told me that the entire family, young and old, boys and girls were into this work - born artists.

Painting on Tusser Silk sari by Dilip Kumar. His contacts 06752 274858, 91 9777065512, email Village has broadband - number of homes have computers. To see Bastar Craft work and a villager with a Dell latop Click here

Artist at work. To see pics of applique work at Barmer Click here

Now entered last home, work of Narayan Das. His father was a national award winner while he is Master Crafts Man. Lives before the village in a biggish concrete home. Has travelled around the country so more exposed to the world. Good at email too. Painting depicts life story of Lord Rama, is on canvas. Size 84 by 36 inches.

Etching and colour on palm leaf. Has Ganesha''s life story and etching Mahabinayak is pic on right. Really wish the Canon camera lens had not got spoilt - would have got better images.

Another wow painting on canvas that shows life story of Lord Ganesha. Size 60 by 36 inches. Artist Narayan Das contacts are 91 9937314078, 06752 274782, email

Artist at work. Wherever I saw, could see only artists at work. Cool, calm, composed and focused on producing another masterpiece. The visit was humbling in more ways than one. To see pics of block work at Sanganer near Jaipur Click here

Life story of Lord Krishna on canvas. Size 72 by 36 inches. Another super piece of work by Narayan Das. To read interesting travelogue of another visitor to Raghurajpur Click here

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