Pipli Applique work

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Pipli is best known for its Applique work and slightly over an hour's drive from Bhubaneswar. U take a slight diversion from the national highway into the village. Road is full of shops. Applique is a French term, is a technique by which the decorative effect is obtained by superposing patches of coloured fabrics on a basic fabric, the edges of the patches being sewn in some form of stitchery.

Amazing work. U also get purses, mobile phone covers, bedsheets, umbrellas and hand bags. "The roots of the applique art/craft form is intertwined with rituals n traditions of Lord Jagannath, the presiding deity of the Puri temple. The applique items are mainly used during processions of the deities in their various ritual outings. Items like Chhati, Tarasa and Chandua are used for the purpose."

Paintings and on your left wall hangings. I wanted to visit a village where work is done but every shopkeeper thought I wanted to buy cheap so did not give proper directions. Pipli is a must visit.

The stuff in brown is made from coconut ka cover. To read about Pipli and Applique work Click here

Lamp shades etc. To see pictures of applique work in Barmer, Rajasthan Click here

Display of purses, bags and lampshades. It is cheaper to buy here instead of Puri. To see pics of Pattachitra Paintings at heritage village Raghurajpur Click here

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