Sun Temple Konark

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In section Orissa you have 2 Latest Albums on Sun Temple. Entrance to Sun Temple Konark. The crowning glory of Oriyan temple architecture, the 13th century Sun temple also known as the `Black Pagoda`. Built by Raja Narasimha I of the Ganga dynasty, the temple is a pageant of human grandeur, in its perception, an

Side view of the temple. Apart from its spiritual significance the architectural character of the monument may be described as superb. Both sanctum & the jagmohana stand on a lofty basement the exuberance of which itself a marvel. The frieze of elephants

Side view of the temple. Note the wheels at the base of the temple.

Surya Devata (Sun God).

Wheel of the Chariot.

Side view of the temple from the rear side. Nearest airport to Konark is Bhubneshwar 65 kms away. The sunrise at Konark beach (3kms from the temple) is a feast for the eyes.

Dance Hall, part of the temple. In December the Konarak Dance Festival is held in the open-air auditorium north of the Sun Temple. It features spell binding music & dance and an enchanting temple ritual that traces its origin to medieval tantra.

Panel on the dance hall, notice the intricate carvings and various Orissi dance poses

Surya Devata (Sun God). Esamskriti is inspired by Surya Devata.

Wheel of the Chariot. Each of the wheels is 9 feet 8 inches in diameter, with rims 8 inches deep, axles protruding 11 inches and 16 spokes alternatively thick & thin.

Garud. The national emblem of the Republic of Indonesia is "Garuda Pancasila". The Garuda in Indonesian history holds a place of honor. It is a symbol of national emblem with Lord Vishnu riding it. Garuda sculpture is shown in countless temples. Garuda st

Elephant. The Chandelas who built the temple, their emblems were horses and elephants.

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