Totapuri Ashram

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A dear friend told me to visit the Totapuri Ashram on my visit to Puri. It is about a 15 minute drive from the Puri beach, most people do not know about it. It is my experience that spiritually uplifting places are rarely found easily. U see entrance to Ashram. It is known as Girnar Banta / Nanga Baba Ashram. To see pics of Jagannath Rath Yatra Puri Click here

Ashram is on a small sand elevation surrounded by trees on all sides. ''Totapuri arrived at the Dakshineswar temple garden toward the end of 1864. Perhaps born in the Punjab. He was the head of a monastery in that province of India and claimed leadership of seven hundred sannyasis. Totapuri began to impart to Sri Ramakrishna the great truths of Vedanta.'' To read more Click here

Left is Totapuri Samadhi Mandir. Right is where Totapuri lived. Spent some time meditating in the Mandir - a feeling of bliss overcame me, did not feel like leaving the place. Was very happy post darshan.

Locals outside the Ashram. To read more about Totapuri Maharaj Click here

All along the Puri Beach found only hotels. Enroute to Totapuri Ashram saw Dutt Villa. Gave me an idea of what Puri beach was in the good old days. To know about Karar Ashram Click here

Puri beach has eateries gallore. U see this at breakfast time. In the evening it is only Fish. In 2012 visited Mahavatar Babaji Cave in Dunagiri, Kumaon, 2013 Lahiri Mahasya home in Kashi and now Karar Ashram. Have no words to express my Pranams to Ishwar for making it happen. To see pics of Mahavatar Babaji Cave Click here

Close to the beach, surrounded by hotels is the Karar Ashram. Right of pic temple that you see is where Samadhi of Swami Sri Yukteshar Giri. Was lucky to be present there during the morning puja. The ashram is surrounded by homes and hotels on all sides. To know more Kriya Yoga Click here

There was a classroom going on when I clicked this pic. Centre is Swami Sri Yukteshwar Giri and left is Paramhansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi. It is a Kriya Yoga Teaching and Meditation Centre. Consider myself blessed to visit these two ashrams. To know about the Gurus Click here

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