Maharaja Ranjit Singh Samadhi

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"The Maharaja`s samadhi lies opposite the Lahore Fort and occupies the spot where he was cremated. The construction of the samadhi was commenced by his son Kharak Singh but could not be completed till about 1848. The square roof with a central fluted dome is crowded around with Naga hood designs generally misunderstood as acanthus leaves kisoska stone lanterns and cupolas. The ceilings are decorated with glass mosaic work or plain glasswork which is beautiful and has been done skillfully in the main dome. The arches of the interior are of marble strengthened with brickwork and joined with iron clamps. In the center of sepulchral decorated with pieta durra work wrought in semiandnbsp;precious stones. In its center rests a marble and in the form of lotus containing the ashes of Maharaja. Eleven small marble knobs placed allandnbsp;round hold ashes of four queens and seven slave girls; the remains of the queens being distinguished by a carved representative of pigeons. The interior of the samadhi chamber is also decorated with frescoes pertaining to Sikh gurus etc. Gurdawara Dehra Sahib issituated opposite the Royal mosque or Shahi Masjid".

The samadhi and Gurudwara Derasahib are in the same compound.andnbsp; The samadhi is a huge structure.andnbsp; By its side is the congregation hall that was added to the gurudawara later. Passing thru the hall you come to the gurudwara which is the small white marble structure. It is not easy to photograph as it is not in a open space with the congregation hall on one side and the fort or other walls structure on all other sides. "Gurudawara Dehra Sahib is situated opposite the Royal mosque or Shahi Masjid. At this place after torturing the fifth Guru Sahib was drowned into the river. At that time the Ravi river flowed along the wall of the fort. The Guru after enduring the most unheard and unseen tortures without repining merged into the eternal light on 30th May 1606. In A.D. 1619 when the sixth Guru Hargobind visited this historical place he got a memorial rostrum built here to commemorate the martyrdom of his Guruandnbsp;father. Maharaja Ranjit Singh got built a small but beautiful Gurudwara. As there was no congregational hall attached to this place the present hall was founded in A.D. 1909 and daily congregations were regularly held. A sarai was got built for the convenience of the pilgrims. The marble gate was erected. On 9/9/1947 the Sikhs had to leave this Gurudawara too. Every year at the occasion of the martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev Ji (On Shahidi Jor Mela) Sikh devotees visit the shrine to pay homage to the great Guru".

Inside the Derasahib gurudwara. Notice the workmanship.

Inside the Derasahib gurudwara.

This is one of the minarets of the Badshahi Masjid. See Moon in the background.

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