Baoris Udaipur

By MMHPT | 2018

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1. Step-wells and Kunds found all over in Western India. Braj ie Mathura and around have large number of kunds too. Temples in South India always have a water tank. This album has pics of Udaipur and around. U see Gangobhav Kund.

2. U see pic of Mahasatiya Kund.

3. U see Navlakha Hanumanji ki Bavadi. Pictures are courtesy and copyright Maharana of Mewar Historical Publication Trust, Udaipur.

4. U see Ojha Bavadi.

5. U see Raj Rajeshwar Bavadi. To see pics of the spectacular Rani-ki Vav Patan in Gujarat Click Here

6. U see Sundar Bavadi. To see pics of the amazing Chand Baori near Jaipur Click Here

7. U see Toran Bavadi bec of toran in center of pic. Left is Ganesha. To read an excellent coverage of step wells in India

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