Bundi City

By Sanjeev Nayyar Sanjeev@esamskriti.com | 2009

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Bhimlat waterfall ie about 35kms from Bundi. Must see esp after the monsoons. Drive shows you the terrain of region.

Another view of the waterfall. Was surprised to see a waterfall in Rajasthan.

Gorge of Bhimrlat. A 4 kms walk into the gorge takes you to Rock Paintings. If you like to see please contact Kukki Sharma +91 9828404527.

I wanted to stay with a local family as Paying Guest. My archaeologist cum guide Kukki took me to R N Haveli where we met 5 tourists from different countries. Left to right you see an Indonesian, Frenchmen and a Canadian. Contacts 0747 5120098, R.N.havelibundi@yahoo.com

You see the lady who runs this super guest house with a New Zealand, British and French tourist in that order of which the British was enjoying Pizza.

You see 84 pillar cenotaph lit at night. It was made by Bundi Raja Aniruddra Singh for his brother. Made around 1675

Another view of the cenotaph. Stay in the old city Bundi rather than the new part to get a feel of the town.

Welcome to Kshar Baug, the memorial cenotaphs of the kings of Bundi. See intricate elephant All chatris are like this. Exquisite architecture.

See intricate elephant carving. Is located about 4kms from city. Not well maintained. Wild grass grows around.

See the carving.

Bundi King Chhatrasal was killed while fighting Aurangzeb. When the body was burnt 64 females jumped into fire out of affection for the king. Images that you see in front are of 64 ladies.

Note the carving.

Note carving.

You see an aggressive elephant. Never seen an elephant in this pose.

Horse rider with flag. All carvings are in semi marble.

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