Jain Temple Lodurva

By Sanjeev Nayyar Sanjeev@esamskriti.com | 2013

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16 kms from Jaisalmer is Lodurva, the ancient capital of the Bhatti Rajputs before they shifted their capital to Jaisalmer. I left for the temple early morning about 7ish. Lovely drive. U see overview of temple from the road. Main shrine is in the centre with subsidiary shrines in corners of the temple. Temple undergone restoration.

This gives history of this Svetamber Jain temple. This inscription gives you names of the businessmen and trust that have contributed to the temple. Lodurva stood on the ancient trade route in Thar Desert. Mahmud of Ghazni laid siege on the city in 1025 AD, with time it was repeatedly attacked by foreign invaders. Later it was sacked by Muhammad Ghori in 1152 AD. The rulers then made the present Jaisalmer fort as it was on a hill, safer.

Entrance to temple. Note torans right in front. Sculptures in centre of pic is top portion of a huge toran that you see on entering the mandir. Temple made in bright yellow sandstones.

A full view of the toran. Had seen something similar in Osian. To see pics of Osian Mandir Click here

A close up of top portion of Toran. In pic no 3 you see toran from eastern side, this is western side. Amazing work.

A close up of sculptures that form part of the pillars of the toran. ''Lodurva is the place that was also the setting for the doomed-loved story of Princess Mumal and Mahendra, the prince of Amarkot, recounted in local folklore and songs''.

There are peacocks galore around the temple. After doing darshan saw them in large nos. When I went close to click they ran away. So used a 70-300 mm lens to click from a distance.

Entrance to temple with rising sun''s rays in full flow. Whilst during parikrama of temple clockwise there are three small shrines with images of Tirthankaras and Kalpvraksh temple.

Northern side of temple is Kalpvraksh that you see in top of pic. It is the tree of wish fulfillment. To know more about Kalpvraksh Click here

We now enter the main temple. Centre of pic is the main shrine, u open the aluminum cover in centre of pic to view image of Tirthankara. Simply put the temple has pillars on all sides supporting it (you see right of pic), exterior thru which light comes, dome in centre whose 3 pillars u see right in front of pic.

In main temple is image of Lord Parsvanath, the 23rd Jain Tirthankar. Please correct me if am wrong.

A view of the pillars that support the dome. Work is going on to restore the temple. My driver took me to only this temple. I think missed out seeing ruins of some Jain temples there, please check when you go there.

This the ceiling of the dome which is crowned by an amalak and a water pot containing a lotus flower. (please write in if wrong).

Pic of peacock. Besides being an important place of Jain pilgrimage it is a must visit to see peacocks. Heard about a peacock dance but do not know about timings. Do check when u visit, if take pics can upload on esamskriti.

This is a pic of Paraswanath Jain Temple in Jailsalmer Fort. To see pics of inside temple Click here

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