Jain Temples Delwara

By Sanjeev Nayyar Sanjeev@esamskriti.com | 2017

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U see Shri Adhi Nath Ji Temple Delwara (external). When I visited in November 2017 it was undergoing restoration. Delwara is famous for its Jain Temples and Devi Garh Palace Hotel. It is about 30 kms from Udaipur.

Close up of external wall. Sculptures of ladies aesthetically done. Delwara is a largish village with a very large pond at the bus stand. NOTE THAT these captions are draft. Pics have been uploaded so that a learned person can see pics and help with captions.

External wall of temple. Left bottom man has a beard.

As you enter temple I was overwhelmed by pillar design of Rang Mandap. There is temple and sanctum in the centre. On left side is another temple with sanctum. On right side are images of Jain Tirthankaras.

Shri Adinath ji or Rishabhdev Bhagwan, the first Jain Tirthankara in sanctum of temple ie in the center. Pranams.

On pillar opposite main sanctum sits Acharya Somsundarji who moorthi stapana in temple six hundred years ago. Since the marble was dull white adjusted the colours to make pic sharper.

Close up of lower part of ceiling of Rang Mandap. Are these like in Dilwara Temples Mount Abu, avatars of Ambika Mata or Mata ke sixteen rup.

Close up of lower part that u saw in previous pic. Ladies in dance pose or playing musical instruments.

Typical pillar. End of pic are small rooms with moorthis of Tirthankaras.

Close up of lower portion of pillar.

Different design pillar. Exquisite work. Most have ladies in dance pose.

Earlier sanctum had Adinathji. Just behind that temple is another temple with moorthi of second Tirthankara Ajitnath. Pranams. Note the intricate work on either side of the entrance.

Side entrance panel. On either side of image is a mythical animal. Centre lady hand is in a particular mudra. Lower part of pic at a distance is image of a Tirthankara.

Top part of another panel. Elephants on either side.

Very interesting. Temple on top of tree where sage meditating.

Rang Mandap of this second temple.

A side view of the same Rang Mandap. Lowest level looks like a bird, perhaps peacock. Next is Kirteemukha, found in Jain, Hindu temples and Bodh Gaya, to ward away evil. Big sculptures must be Ambikas, as stated earlier. Between them small images are of ladies in yogic posture.

Very interesting top panel. Lady in center sitting on animal with a child, with something that could be a string of flowers. On her either side are ladies in a dance posture. Extreme left and right of pic is image of lady (top) with lower part of an animal.

Another interesting top panel. Lady in center yogic posture. On either side and above lady are men in meditation posture.

Panel of sculptures on the rear side of sanctum one whose moorthi you see saw in pic 5.

Same panel side has ladies in dance position. Man with beard could be Brahma or ---

Lady in center has what looks like a modern day cricket bat. Notice the chain round her waist ie lady on right.

Image inside temple.


Left of pic is a tree Kalpvraksh - it is the tree of wish fulfilment. Centre is `padukas` ie feet. Snake and peacock on either side. Usually the two of them always fight but under the influence of Jaina Dharam they have become friends.

Prachin Shri Bharuchteerth Patt meaning pilgrimage to Bharuch in Gujarat. Left shows man with bow and arrow. Centre of tree is a bird.


U see Indra Kund close to temple. It was made by Raj Rana Devi Sal in Vikram Samvat 1913 who spent Rs 1 lakh then. The Rana also made 3 temples in Delwara village.

Centre is Shree ParshavNath Bhagwan. These moorthis are in a separate room outside the temple. Moorthis are being polished here and then placed in temple.

This is part of Shatru Jai ka Prachin Chari Palak Patt. Top panel are the 5 Pandavas.

Right is Nandeshwar Deep. Left are images of Jineshwar.

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