By Sanjeev Nayyar Sanjeev@esamskriti.com | 2013

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From Bikaner drove 35kms to Gajner Palace from where less than a hour''s drive is Kolayatji. It is an ancient pilgrimage spot with temple dedicated to Sant Kapil Muni who is regarded as the 5th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. U see Panditji of the temple.

Temple is a new structure, very simple attracts large number of devotees i.e. on the banks of a huge artificial lake reminding one of Pushkar. Hindus of North Rajasthan consider it the most sacred pilgrimage spot after Pushkar.

Close up of image of Kapil Muni i.e. in the centre. Annual fair is held in November on Karthik Purnima day which coincides with Pushkar fair where devotees take a dip in the holy lake on the full moon day in the month of Kartik. According to local tradition Sant Kapil Muni shed his body under a banyan tree here.

There is a artificial lake in front of the temple. I was surprised and very happy to see a large lake in this part of Rajasthan. It was nearly full. Even on a week day there were a large number of devotees who stood the ghats and took a dip in its holy waters. Look straight to get an idea of lake size. There are 52 ghats around the temple.

Side view of lake. A devotee was praying, having a dip in holy waters whom u see in front of pic. Far end of pic u see pink colored tents where devotees live and a boat full of devotees. Very powerful place with strong vibrations, something special about the place, struck a chord within. The bhakti (devotion) of people in India touches me deeply, so much faith.

At one end of lake are these sandstone temples. I missed seeing them because my driver said nothing worthwhile there. Suggest you must see, they are magnificent temples as I realized later.

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