Manadakini Temples

By Sanjeev Nayyar | 2009

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There are 3 temples in Bijolia town 50 kms from Bundi. Names are Mahakaleshwar, Hajareshwar and Undeshwar. You see sculpture of Nataraj, dancing figure of Lord Shiva in Hajareshwar. It is called so there are 1000 lingams.

An overview of the temple complex. Left is Mahakaleshwar (Lord Shiva temple), centre is Undeshwar and right is Hajareshwar. All temples made around 12-13th century

You see Lord Indra kund with Undeshwar temple in the background.

Toran design inside the Undeshwar temple.

The temple has some exotic sculptures. You see Harihar ie half Lord Shiva and half Lord Vishnu

You see Ardhnareshwar ie half lady half man

Panel of sculptures. Naked lady who has caught fish in the hand ie extreme right. In centre is the Mother Goddess.

Left is half naked lady with scorpion on leg. Right is a musician.

Love making scene on one of the sculptures. These images remind me of Khajuraho.

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