Menal Temple

By Sanjeev Nayyar | 2009

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An overview of the Menal temple complex. Also called Mahanaleshwar. It is next to a gorge called Mahanal which has a waterfall in monsoon season. Extreme left is entrance while main temple is extreme right. There are over a dozen small and big temples.

A close up of the main temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. You see Nandi in front of the temple.Very good intricate work.

You see what looks like a Dragon that has caught the elephant. Note intricate work. Again reminds me of similar sculpture in Khajuraho.

Numerous sculptures in lower panel. You see Lord Vishnu.

You see love making scenes in the upper panel, lower panel has elephants.

You see Lord Shiva in the centre.

Side sculptures. Note dragons on either side.

This is called Mahisasur Mardini which means Mother Goddess killing the buffalo. The asura had assumed the rup (role) of a buffalo.

Side panel of main temple, note the carving. A walk around the whole complex indicates that it was actually a place where Religious/Cultural education was provided.

This was used by the devotees of Lord Shiva. You see a Math where the Gurus & Acharya stayed while the students stayed in smaller homes whose remains were visible.

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