Osian Jain Temple

By Sanjeev Nayyar Sanjeev@esamskriti.com | 2013

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Osian was a trading centre between the 8-12th centuries. Today it is known for Mahavir Jain and Sachchiya Mata mandirs. The town is surrounded by golden sand dunes. Osian is 60kms from Jodhpur. U see temple Torana that was made in 1015. To know more about Osian Click here

The Mahavir Mandir dates back to 783 A.D. Pratihara King Vatsaraja Raja built this temple. I loved the beauty and divinity of Osian, something special about the place. Mata mandir pics presented separately. Image of Bhagwan Mahavir inside the temple inner sanctum. It is about 32 inches high with gold color.

A vertical view of the Toran. We present various pics of this o/s work. From various sites saw 2 dates of temple construction 775,783. Safe to say made around 780 A.D.

Lower portion of Toran. Note the intricate carvings. Oswal Jains, a rich trading community come from Osian.

Top part of toran with deers in the centre. Temple is on a raised platform (say 6-9 inches). Centre part of pic at lower level is the temple sanctum. Spend a few minutes to observe the intricate work. WOW. Opposite temple is huge dome structure with intricate work in it. Somehow missed seeing it, do see.

A side view of the pillar of the toran. Women images, I think are Apsaras (correct if wrong).

Another view of the pillar. Lower level is Bhagwan Mahavir in meditation (correct if wrong),

A side view close up of the toran.

Rear side of the temple. Temple design is that in centre is main mandir with small temples on both sides of the main temple, pics of which you shall see later.

Shikhara of temple clicked at about 8.15am in the morning. If u want good pics suggest leave Jodhpur at 6am to reach Osian by 7. Time referring to is winters, I went in Feb. My driver woke up late that day so reached at 8am. First click pics of Jain temple and then Mata mandir since Jain one has sculptures.

Sculptures on temple.

This amazing piece of work is carved out of one piece of stone.

We now go for a parikrama round the main mandir. As I said there are shrines on both sides, this is mandirs on the eastern side. Left of pic u see two intricately carved pillars that look like remains of a temple.

This is an eg of temple design. Horizontal toran, paintings depict life of Bhagwan Mahavir. There are images inside the sanctum of individual temples which are all joined.

We show two images as part of this collection. Image one i.e. self explainatory.

Image two.

Temples on western side of main mandir. Lot of renovation work going on, appreciate. Temple is surrounded by residential area and at ground level unlike the Sachhiya Mata Mandir which is on a small hill, has numerous houses on one side. Of recent origin is a Mosque i.e. very close to the temple entrance. Azaan disturbs devotees and temple priests but!

Some images inside this row of temples. Image one.

Image two ie self explanatory.

Images of sculptures on temple wall taken against early morning sun rays. Felt very nice after visiting the temple. In a deeper sense a feeling of detachment overtook me. During ten day yatra the hectic pace, early morning shoots and late night travelling got to me at times. Visit to Osian rejuvenated me in more ways than one.

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