Sachiya Mata Temple Osian

By Sanjeev Nayyar | 2013

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The Sachiya Mata Mandir Osian is on the top of a small hill. In the centre is Mata ka temple. There are totally 16 temples that are part of this complex some of which you see. Temple was made in 1177 A.D. by the Parmars who were worshippers of Durga of Shakti. This temple is in a way the temple of Goddess Durga who is called Sachchi Dhaya (the real Nourisher) Mother.

U have to take these steps to reach the temple. The decorated architraves are very impressive - would look much better without the blue fibre glass covering. Osian is 60 kms from Jodhpur took me about 70 minutes in the morning. Make it a point to see Sand Dunes near the temple.

This is entrance to temple where you have to remove your footwear. Temple is at various levels. The Goddess is the clan goddess of Parmar Rajputs, hence Hindus and Jains both worship the Goddess as their clan patroness. Oswals of the Jain community regard the Goddess as their clan Goddess. They owe their origin to Osia.

Entrance to the inner sanctum. The climb is not as difficult as it may appear. Do it slowly and will be done in minutes. 18 clans of Rajputs adopted Jain Dharam. They are Oswals and worship Mata with equal fervor.

Inside the main temple. Glass mirrors everywhere. Went at 8am so not too much rush, was told it gets crowded during the day with both tourists and devotees. The Garbh Griha (sanctum sanctorum) and Sabha Mandap (prayer portico) are artistically built. The original hall is 9.50 meters wide.

Image of Sachiya Mata. The temple deity is Goddess Durga in her Mahishasura Mardini Avtar (the killer of Demon Mahisha). She is popularly called Sachchidhaya. Newly wedded couples come for happy conjugal life whereas the first ceremonial head shaving of a child is also held here.

Pic 1 you would have seen a fort type wall around the temple. Inner sanctum too has a wall. U see shikhara of main temple against early morning sun rays. The temple is built in Nagar style of architecture.

Took this pic from one end of the temple. Once you reach hill top is this huge open area. Was told it is useful when they are large number of devotees and festivals as well.

A side view of the shikharas of various temples with the main temple shikhara in the centre. Note the fort type wall. Temple is made of stone, mortar.

View of the temples that are part of the complex - taken against early morning sun rays. The length of the temple is 24 meters. On the lower parts of walls there is special ornamentation. A huge entrance hall and nine bracketed entrances beautify the temple.

View of the arches on the way down. Seen pics of arches when there was no fibre glass cover they look spectacular. Details of temple for captions taken from this informative site Click here

On my way down saw this mosque i.e. minutes away from the temple. The Azaan disturbs devotees and all those who manage the temple. Wonder why even today Muslims make mosques that are so close to temples. Seen it in so many places including Bodh Gaya.

View of Osian town from temple top. It is a small town. Met a number of Jains from various parts of India but whose forefathers were from Osian. They had returned to the land of their ancestors to visit the Mahavir/Mata mandirs.

Make it a point to visit the Mahavir Mandir as well. The pics shows wall of one of the temple there. To see pics of Jain Mandir Osian Click here

U see Teevali Jain Mandir i.e. about 25 kms from Osian. Temple was closed since priest had gone to Jodhpur. Here too there was a mosque ie in front of the temple.

Pics of artists performing at Sam Dunes off Jaisalmer on the 3rd day of the Jaisalmer Desert Festival. To see pics of Sam Dunes Click here

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