Shilpgram Udaipur

By Sanjeev Nayyar | 2017

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Shilpgram (Rural Arts & Crafts Complex) performance. They have cultural programs thru the day. 4 artist groups perform over 1 hour. "Within complex, huts of the member states are constructed incorporating traditional architectural features of different geographical & ethnic groups" residing within 5 states of Western India.

For the 3 to 4 pm show reached late. BHAPANG Group performing (Folk Artist). They are from Alwar - Braj Rang Mewat Sansthan. For program call Tayub Khan Mewati 91 98295 67606 and 95877 31245.

Performance 2 is by Shri Vir Tejaji Kala Mandal from Anta, Bara district of Rajasthan. This is called the KACHI GHODI dance. Bhagwan ki dhund mein dance kar rahe hai or dancing thinking of God.

They involve the audience, super fun. Man on left is with Ghodi. They worship Vir Tejaji whose vehicle is horse i.e. why show horse.

This performer is an artist par excellence. Observe eyes. Shilpgram is about 6 kms from City Palace. Drive past scenic Fateh Sagar Lake to reach there.

They had crowds in splits. For show contact Chetram 91 95718 15662 or Dhannalal 91 96029 82049.

This dance performed by Adivasi Nritya Kala Mandal from Chotaudaipur Gujarat. It is called RATHWA Adivasi dance. They celebrate Holi for 5 days. Post Holi they go hunting as is seen by the man in front with bow and arrow.

Boys and girls very flexible and well balanced. Since this dance is performed while hunting they make lots of noise to wake up the animals. If the animal wakes up and runs, only then will they get a chance to sight and kill.

This dance is amazing. With girls standing on their shoulders, men dance round and round. The shouting also gives everyone energy and keeps them alert. Loved this dance.

This dance is even more exciting. Girls hold on the hands of two boys and then fly like u see in pic. Remember the boys are going round and round.

Last part of the dance. Note how the boys and girls are sitting. Girl on top I think is Mother Goddess. Really enjoyed this action packed dance. For program contact Angariyabhai Rathva at 91 99252 97557 and 91 96381 10957.

This is Seema Jeevandas Terah-Tali Party. Lady ie Seemaji keeps performing with pots on her head. With 2 pots bending to take a note from a stand. Practice works but one needs to be fit too.

Stands on glasses with 4 pots. Place has a rural setting. Lovely. This dance is called Terah Tali. Group also performs Bhawai, Chari, Ghoomer and Kalbeliya dances.

Largish knife is what she stands on and balances the pots on her head. Very graceful all through.

Eight pots and rocking. She also danced on pieces of broken glass. For program contact Jeevandas 91 97843 24504, 99290 08315, 95872 66422.

After show artists happily pose for pictures. Members of Tejaji Kala Mandal. Eyes full of life and happiness.

This guy is awesome. His movements and performance got max claps. For good guide call Waqt Singh 91 98291 81439.

Seema and her sister-in-law after the program. Seema was the STAR of the afternoon. Lots of selfies. For another good guide call Panditji 91 98282 79579.

Complex has artists & shops. Painter at work. Annual Festival is held every year around December. Very nice say friends. Next are huts of rural homes from the states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Goa.

Now visit rural homes. Captions from board i.e. displayed outside every home. This is called DEVRA literally meaning God`s place where all folk deities like Mataji, Neruji, Nag Devata, Kalaji, Goraji are worshipped by tribals.

Inside Devra. The village priest or Bhopa often becomes obsessed with the spirit of the deity and blesses worshipers at various festival and ritual occasions.

Rama Hut Jaisalmer i.e. in the heart of the Thar Desert. 1st entrance wall allow breeze to pass. House in white is out house for guests. Wall on right is second wall surrounding living area, protects from animals & dust storms. Courtyard has a summer room, winter room, kitchen and weaving room.

Local refrigerator. It is made 70% from mud, 20% gobar or dung and 10% grass. Walls are made of stone and mud and plastered with a local sand called Sedi. Roofs are made of Kair wood and covered with Murat the local grass.

Rear side of same home. Painting represents Rajasthan. Elephant is for Shekhawati region ie Jaipur, Horse for Mewar i.e. Udaipur and Camel for Jodhpur/Jaisalmer i.e. Marwar.

INDRA VIMAN belonged to the erstwhile Royal State of Jhalwar. On religious and festival occasions the chariot, pulled by elephants, went through the streets of Jhalawar.

Home of Meghwal community, Kutch Gujarat. It is constructed on a raised platform with a cone shaped roof called Bhungo. The shape of these is such that whirlwinds and breezes can be withstood with the least possible damage. Homes have locally made containers to store grains and seeds, missed clicking that.

Cone shaped roof. The inner lining of the split bamboo covers the wooden roof outer surface which is covered by thick local grass. There are 2 windows & entrance doors on the wall of the house. Ceiling is painted in colourful wavy lines while wood carving and mud decorate the house.

Musical instruments of adivasis on display. Guides are available at entrance to take you around. Ask for Waqt Singh 91 98291 81439. I used him, super.

Open air theatre. During festivals musical and dance programs held here. In winters this place must be even more enjoyable.

Potter`s Hut Goa. Bicholim in Goa is famous for pottery decorating in animal forms, household articles and votive terracotas. Spacious veranda serves dual purpose of storage and work area. Behind the house is a small kiln i.e. used for firing the pottery.

Dang home. Dang in South Gujarat is in the Sahayadri Hills. It is home to many communities Kunbis or farmers is one of them. House made of wooden poles and bamboos. Strips are woven in crisis cross fashion & mixture of clay and dung is applied on the scaffolding for adhesion. Roofs are tiled. Main living space used for tying animals and storing agricultural implements.

PITHORA Gujarat. The Rangpur Tribal Hut is from the Rangpur Sadli village of Chhota Udaipur. The Rathwa Bhils lead a life full of artistic simplicity - in dance, music, paint work, basket weaving. The wall separating the kitchen and living room storage space is used for a ritual painting of Pithora Baba the MOTA DEV or Great God of Rathwas. This is a side view.

Paintings in Rathwa Bhils home. So creative and pleasing to the eye. Sometimes wonder whether adivasis live such self-sufficient lives as they are - urbanization might spoil them.

PETHAPUR HAVELI. Pethapur in Gujarat is famous for print block making & is near Gandhinagar. This 2 storeyed haveli is an exact reconstruction of the traditional architecture of Pethapur and is over 100 years old. House is a fine e.g. of traditional wood carving.

Bhujodi is located in Kutch Gujarat. Homes of Rebaries. Huts are constructed on a raised platform with mud and mud plastered stone walls with a wooden roof covered with tiles. The large terracotta containers used for storing food grains, jewellery etc. U see the interior whose aesthetics is heightened by mud relief work with stylised motifs plants & animals on inner walls.

Typical Varli hut from Maharashtra.

Tarpa Dance Festival Celebration. This is a Varli painting. Loved the painting.

Dhol Rajasthan near Udaipur. This home belongs to a potter. The walls are made of stone plastered with mud. Roof for 1st floor is made of bamboo supported by a khajur trunk while top roof covered with tiles. House consists of 5 rooms including animal shed and pottery store room.

MAMADEVI KA TORAN. There is a poplar belief in the tribals of Udaipur that the sthapana or installation of Mamadevi Toran saves the cattle wealth of the area from evil spirits, disease and calamities.

Musical Instruments. Am so glad visited Shilpgram. Highly recommended.

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