Nilaveli Beach

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At Nilaveli Beach near Trincomalee. The beach is about 5-6 hours drive from Colombo Airport.

At Nilaveli Beach near Trincomalee. The beach is about 20 kms from Trincomalee. The beach is beautiful and relatively empty. Sunrises are beautiful here.

At Trincomalee.

At Nilaveli Beach. There is scuba diving available within a 30-minute boat ride. The people are very friendly.

Portrait of a fisherman. We stayed at the Anilana Beach Resort. There is another very nice resort about 2-3 km north of Anilana, I think it is called the Jungle Beach Resort. Anilana was nice, but it is a modern construction.

With water snake. I feel the Jungle Beach Resort was more appropriate in terms of architecture and landscaping.

Sorting out the catch. Best time to visit in April to October.

Beaching it for the night.

Bringing the catch in. This guy spoke Hindi! He had worked in the Middle East as a mechanic.

Bringing the catch in. To know more about Nilaveli Beach Click here

HEARTBREAKING!!! That is the catch for the day. Really! Not fair. — at Nilaveli Beach, Eastern Sri Lanka.

Just because you have to work very hard in the blazing hot sun it does not mean you don''t have a little fun with the photographer!

Dum lagake haishaaa...

Somebody has to carefully stow the net which is needed again tomorrow.

Spotted near a temple in Trincomalee.

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