Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

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The sign board marking the entrance to the elephant orphanage, a unique and sensitive arena of caring, nurturing of orphaned baby elephants.

It is possible to feed bottles of formula milk to baby elephants here for a nominal charge during designated hours. Board showing the timings for the same. Book early, slots get full very quickly.

Another snapshot of a mother and her calf in the Pinnawala premises.

A lady feeding a bottle of milk to one of the babies. I saw the baby gulp down the milk in a matter of a few seconds! Rather endearing!

This gigantic tusker is over 60 years old and blind in one eye. He is well cared for in Pinnawela and a favourite amongst children.

A picture of the restaurant at Pinnawala - the décor is in keeping with the ambience of the place. They serve a marvellous buffet lunch and delicious snacks and drinks here.

Bath time for the elephants! A delightful time when the elephants are summoned to the river to bathe and tourists can enjoy the sight sitting in the restaurant above.

A panoramic view of their bath time!

This view shows the lush greenery on the far horizons of Pinnawala. A serene and unique spot indeed! Great for animal lovers.

Traditional Masks and drums of Sri Lanka displayed at Colombo Airport.

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