Flower Sellers of Tamil Nadu

By Sanjeev Nayyar Sanjeev@esamskriti.com | 2016

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During January 2016 Tamil Nadu Yatra visited over 60 temples. This album has pictures of ladies who sell flowers outside temples. Man helping his wife outside Meenakshi Mandir Madurai.

This shop is in the road around Meenakshi Temple Madurai.

On footpath around Meenakshi temple, lady cooking.

Outside Murugan temple at Thirupparankundram near Madurai.

Couple run a small rest in Kanadukathan village of Chettinad ie about 30 minutes drive from Karaikudi. Loved the smiles so included here. To see pics of Palaces of Chettinad Click here

Couple selling shirts outside Rameshwaram Mandir. To see pics of Rameshwaram Temple Click here

Ladies outside Arunachaleswarar Temple Thiruvannamalai. To see pics of Ramana Maharshi Ashram Click here

Ladies outside Arunachaleswarar Temple Thiruvannamalai. You can know how popular a temple is with devotees by the number of ladies selling flowers and sadhus sitting outside temple.

Outside the Brihadesvara Temple Thanjavur.

At one of the Navagraha Temples. To see pics of all Navagraha temples Click here

Outside Chidambaram Temple.

Outside Murugan temple at Swamimalai.

Outside temple at Kanchipuram. Most of the ladies who sold flowers were 40 plus.

Group from Taiwan at one of the temples in Kanchipuram. Their company has a factory close by.

At Srirangam mandir Trichy.

Inside temple at Srivillipuththur. To see pics of temple Click here

At Thirunelveli ie famous for halwa.

At Sankarankovil. To see pics of temple Click here

At Thiruvallur near Chennai.

Shop near Rameshwaram or Madurai temples. Love these shops, could spend hours there.

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