Sankarankovil Temple

By Sanjeev Nayyar | 2016

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Entrance to Sankarankovil temple. It is called Arulmigu Sankara Narayana Swamy Temple. Sankaranarayana is the main deity in the temple. Vinayaka is Anugnai Vinayaka. The temple has a 9 tier Rajagopuram.

Close up of gopuram.

Painting in ceiling, it is Sri Yantra. Story from temple site "In the 11 th Century king Ukkirapandia ruled over Ukkirankottai. He used to go over to Madurai for darsan of Lord Arulmigu Somasundarar."

Smiling sadhus outside temple. "One day when he was proceeding to Madurai for worship God Arulmigu Somasundarar, The Elephant tusked the earth on the way and plunged into a pit."

Corridor with pillars, now market. "When the anti-hill was demolished there appeared a tail less cobra. It''s might is unexplainable. It belongs to the god. On hearing this the king rushed to the Punnai forest and saw the Sivalingam by the side of the ant- hill."

Temple door. Never seen door with carvings some of lingam, others of Siva, women must be Parvati. Should have taken a close up as well.

First walked around temple-u see external wall. Devotees tie thread to tree. ""Tree for the Temple is Punnai(Calophyllum inophyllum) Tree. Once upon a time this area covered by these trees. In this temple this tree is in Western Prahaaram. "

View of sanctum gopuram. This temple has three important sannadhis with in its premises. They are Sankara Naaryana Swamy, Sankara Linga Swamy and Tharum Gomathi Aman. To know more Click here

Close up of gopuram from west side. Centre is Kirti Mukha to keep away evil spirits.

South west view of gopuram, stood on a motor cycle to click this. There is a fort type wall on this side made taking pic a challenge.

Sacred water tank called Nagasunai. According to tradition it was dug by serpent kings named Paduman and Sangam and has a miraculous power to heal those who bath there. U cannot go inside the tank. At one corner water flows and u can wash your feet, or I think throw a bucket of water on yourself. Huge crowds.

A front view of the Rajagopuram 125 feet tall. "This gopuram has 9 storeys. It''s top part length is 56 feet, width is 15 feet. Kumba kalasam on the top is 7 feet 4 Ankulam. In the 12th century king Seevalaramapandian constructed the Rajagopuram (big tower) and front Mandapam."

There is a wholesale flower market inside temple.

As we enter temple. Outside is daylight, inside is dark so tubelights.

Left is Nandi, flag post. Devotees lighting the holy lamp. Note Yali in background. Virtually all the temples that I visited in Tamil Nadu during this January 2016 yatra made me feel very good and blessed. On return felt very content and happy - a sense of achievement. All thanks to Velu driver and the learned man who designed the program of 78 temples in 19 days.

Entrance to Sankaranarayana Swamy temple. Most temples I went to had Yali in stone - do not recall Muruga temples with Yali.

A pillared hall before we enter the sanctum.

Work on pillars this one is a snake.

Centre are 2 elephants, look like doing a Abhishekam with Shivji in the centre. Please correct if wrong.


Pillar with intricate design. Faded with time.

Entrance. Lower most image think is Kubera, the god of wealth.

Frames for sale.

Painting in entrance ceiling made me feel it to be real. To visit official temple site Click here

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