Sea Shell Museum Mahabalipuram

By Sanjeev Nayyar | 2016

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Driver Velu took me to the Indian Sea Shell Museum, never knew about it. U see entrance. Awesome is the word. Loved it. Museum has a collection of 40k rare and unique shells. We present some pics. Did not see the Aquarium and a store that sells pearl jewellery.

"Fossils, shark teeth and whale fins are the other items of display. My favourites at this museum are the car, ship and train made out of oyster shells". To know more Reception area in museum. Click here

I do not know anything about shells so just presenting pics.

Loved the shape of these shells and the sizes.

Some effort to out together this collection.

Some more.

Love the top row ones, so small.

So many small ones.

Loved the black one.

These are awesome too.

What a collection.

Really big these shells.

Some more shells.

Some more shells.

Some more shells.

Some more shells.

This is the way shells are showcased. Very good work. All by one person, cannot believe it.

Next to the Varaha Cave many parrot readers sit like u see on left of pic. If I understood Tamil would have loved to know what the parrot said about me. Leaving that for next visit.

A close up of base relief on Arjuna''s Penance (see left of pic top man with hands above his head and one foot on another knee). This is covered in the 5 Rathas album, here see the majestic elephants. To see pics of 5 Rathas Mahabalipuram Click here

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