Mahamuni Pagoda

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This is Mahamuni Pagoda at Manu Bankul, 134 kms from Agartala. ``Traditional Mahamuni and Owha festivals, originally a Buddhist festival, but nowadays one of the most cheery festivals of the state come off every year with spontaneous participation from people. During the festival Lord Buddha is worshipped in the monastery by Buddhist and Hindu Communities."  To know more Click here

We drove ahead of pagoda and pleasantly surprised to see DHAMMA DIPA SCHOOL. U see entrance. Inside you can see Buddhist Pagoda.

Pic of Dhamma Dipa SHWEZEEGON PAGODA. Very peaceful and serene place. To see pictures of Bodh Gaya Temple Click here

Inside the Pagoda. Loved it. Always feel nice entering a Buddhist place of worship be it Bodh Gaya or here. To see pics of Rajgir Click hereClick here

There is a school in this complex. Building was donated by Thai person named in pic. To see pics of Great Buddha Statue at Bodh Gaya Click here

Children in the school. They were surprised to see a person from Mumbai meaning come all the way. Loved chatting with them. They had a Digital Learning classroom. Smiles, cheers and love for India is what they taught me. To see pics of Nalanda University Click here

School ground. Far end left is pagoda, centre is school buses and school. Happy to see so many boys and girls in the school. People who live in big cities wonder what facilities would exist in smaller places like this but honestly it is not so bad. Townies want too much of comfort. To see pics of Tribal Museum Tripura Click here

Close to the school visited a home. Area mainly has Buddhist residents of the Mog tribe. This house was two dish antennas, one of the homes I entered saw them watching Sony Max,Bollywood movie channel. To see pics of Sarnath Click here

Young man is digging ground for third home. Very clean homes all over Tripura and very nice people. Strongly recommend visit to Tripura. Very good roads and safe too.

Pic of UJJAYANTA PALACE, Agartala. Rulers belonged to the Tripuri Tribal Community. Loved the palace-magnificent.

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