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Visited Tripura in December 2014. First visited Tripura Sundari Mandir, next old stupa, Thakurani Tila, Mahamuni Pagoda and on return Gunavati Group of Temples. Left at 6.30 am to return by about 7 pm. At Shyamsundar Tila in Jolaibari district, south Tripura is this image. Archaeological Survey doc refers to stone sculptures of Avalokistesvara flanked Tara and Hayagriva.

Another image. A brick built monastic complex is exposed after excavation. Govt document refers to stone sculptures of Avalokistesvara flanked Tara and Hayagriva. Please help with caption.

Board outside says Excavations at Shyam Sunder Tila has brought to light a brick form temple in crucible plan of Panchratna Order. The Central portion of the stupa is attached with 4 square cells. Outer walls of the basement have terracotta plaques depicting kirtimukhas, animals, birds. Note kirtimukhas found in temples at Barmer, Bodh Gaya and Mangalore as well.

Lay out. Extreme right is stupa. Upper part of shrine has collapsed. Central sanctum of temple has 4 subsidiary shrines in 4 cardinal directions. Plan of each shrine is square. Besides there is a wide pradakshinapatha ie circumambulatory path running all around the shrines.

Another view of the monastic complex. In centre is ruins of stupa. Parikrama passage right in front. Brick work on left and right of pic represent 2 of the 4 subsidiary shrines.

Close up of the stupa, note it brick wall that has roundish design. In case of any errors in captions do write in.

Outer walls of basement were decorated beautifully with terra-cotta plaques of Buddha, Ganesha, Kartikeya, kirtimukhas (to ward away evil), dancers, musicians, archers, parrots, gandharvas, horse, elephant, tiger,peacock, buffalo, sunflower, lotus, kalas etc. Left to right second is musician and last is kirtimukha. To see kirtimukha at Kiradu Temples Barmer Rajasthan Click here

Left to right first pic is warrior with sword, second is lion, sixth is apsara.

Left to right third plaque looks like sunflowers, others cannot figure out.

Left to right first are two ladies and third is a kalash, others cannot figure out.

Left to right second looks like a horse, third is kalash, fourth is kirtimukha and last is peacock.

Left to right third is elephant and last looks like Buddha face.

Another excavation at Thakurani Tila, Paschim Pilak, district south Tripura. It is a few kms from the earlier location. Excavation has revealed ruins of 8 small brick temples and a huge Surya image.

Temples can be said to be between 10-13th century. U see an overview of the small temples. Place well maintained, staff very nice and helpful. To see pics of Martand Surya Mandir in Anantnag Click here

Image of Surya was found installed within a brick temple structure. Deity shown in standing posture holds lotuses as usual in both hands and stylistically the image can be dated to 13th century. Surya temple in Gujarat at Modhera. To see pics Click here

U see a crystal Sivalinga believed to be fixed on a yonpitha. Being small this is kept in office cupboard so request staff and they will happily show it.

I walked into the villages close by. Virtually every home had a dish antenna. In one of the homes we discussed the merits of Modi''s speech in Jammu that was made a day before. Villagers seemed happy and wanted to chat.

Please help with caption.

This is outside the complex. Misplaced my pad where noted details but recall it is something to do with a Linga and Nag. Please help with caption.

Please help with caption.

This is where locals bury remains of their ancestors. This is a Hindu one. If Christian there is a cross. Please correct caption if incorrect.

About Bhubaneswari Mandir, Rajnagar (Udaipur district). Visited about 5 pm. It was built by Govindamanikya 1667-1676 and dedicated to goddess Bhubaneswari. In Mysore Palace Karatnaka a temple is dedicated to the same goddess. To see pics of Pattadakal Temples, Karnataka Click here

View of temple. The architectural features of this brick and stone masonry temple resemble with the chala temples. Temples stand n a raised platform, its finial resembles that of a votive stupa. Aso there are 4 tapering buttresses which are attached at 4 corners of the temple. A small mukhanandapa is also attached to the temple in the front side. To see pics of Mahamuni Pagoda Click here

Next is board outside Gunavati Group of Temples, RADHAKISHOREPUR (Udaipur). These 3 brick temples lied adjacent to each other at the ancient capital of Tripura at Udaipur. Temples were dedicated Vishnu by the queen in 1668. Very well maintained complex. Details of captions taken from booklet published by the Archaeological Survey of India, Guwahati Circle.

Northern temple bears an inscription which narrates that the temple was built by Queen Gunavati, wife of Govindamanikya. Temple is square on plan and is attached with a small mukhamandapa on the front side.Temples are covered by chalas surmounted with unique votive stupa like finials. To see pics of Unakoti Click here

This is the third of the Gunavati Group of Temples. For some reason missed seeing the Temple of Chaturdasa Devata also in Udaipur. U can also see Ancient Remains, Boxanagar, district West Tripura. Discovered was a massive Buddhist stupa, chaityagriha, a monastery and other associated burnt brick structures. The brick built stupa is of square plan having a dimension of 15.40 into 15.40m. Found here were 3 bronze images of Buddha. Buddhist establishment here might have sprung up during 6th century a d and continued till 12th century a d.

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