San Jose Gurudwara

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When I asked friends which was the best Gurudwara to go to in Bay Area they said San Jose. Took bus no 22 from Palo Alto station to last stop - journey slightly less than 2 hours from where took bus no 39 that stops outside Gurudwara. One look and I fell in love with the place. It is on the top of a hill. Front view. In 2015 frequency of bus 39 was once a hour so might have to wait.

Earlier pic from lower level. Walked up. This building is like administrative area. Green, clean, fountains and Nishan Sahib or flag on your left. Visited Yuba City, Freemont and San Jose Gurudwaras during California Yatra.

Fountain, added to the peace and serenity all around. Went on a Thursday so not as many people as on the weekends. Every Sunday there are classes for children who want to learn Punjabi.

This is behind the first building and houses the Gurudwara. On right of pic what you do not see is the Langar hall.

Weapons on display as in the case in virtually every Gurudwara I visited. Behind is the Guru Granth Sahib. Matha tekke went to the langar, a huge hall.

One of my heroes Guru Govind Singhji. To see pics of Hemkunt Sahib where Gurus is supposed to have meditated in his previous birth Click here

So well laid out langar hall, can take atleast a 1000 people. On walls of hall are boards which explain various concepts of Sikh Dharma, from a spiritual and social standpoint. Next few pics have boards.

Kirtan. To read about Kirtan in Sanatan Dharma Click here

The Khanda. To read about its origins Click here

Sikh Women. To read more about Indian Women Click here

Heaven and Hell. To read about it in Sanatan Dharma Click here

Battle of Saragarhi. Do read about the brave Punjabi Sardars or Sikhs as they are known today. On 12th Sept 1891, 21 men of the Sikh Regiment fought with 10,000 Afghans. To see pics of Golden Temple Langar Click here

3 Pillars of Sikh Dharma. What unites Followers of Dharma are Characteristics of Indian Philosophy Click here

Universal Appeal. To read History of Sikhs (short article in Outlook mag) by Khushwant Singh Click here

In this and Gurudwara and at Freemont saw pics of Bhindrewale. To get an idea of what happened in Punjab in the 1980 read this 2004 article by Khushwant Singh Click here

View of San Jose and other parts of Bay Area from Gurudwara. To see pics of Hola Mohala at Anandpur Sahib Click here

Entrance to Gurudwara at Freemont again in California. To see pics of Sri Keshgarh Sahib where Khalsa was born on 31 March 1699 Click here

Inside the Gurudwara. To see pics of Hari Mandir Click here

Matha tekna. To see pics of Maharaja Ranjit Singh Panorama Amritsar Click here

Langar Hall. Kitchen on right of pic. Did Sewa by making pedas for chapattis, putting butter on all chapatis made that morning and washing utensils. Felt so happy and at peace within.

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