Bundela Paintings

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We went to the Rani Jhansi Museum in Jhansi. The first floor has a number of Bundeli paintings. Para one reads ‘The Bundeli paintings are marked by their exuberance, verve and dynamism-attributes which reach us through a myriad of red, ochre, blue, green, yellow and grey colors and offer a fascinating glimpse of the multifaceted world of thoughts and beliefs that went on to define the various aspects of Bundeli culture. Over dominantly religious in nature, the themes include the life stories of Rama and Krishna as well as Puranic tales and imageries’. To read more visit Travelogue Jhansi.

The board in museum read on.

Chieftains of Malwa in Central India 1660 AD.

The picture you see is of Gods showering flowers on Rama & Sita after his coronation as known in the Ramayana. Bundlekhand region includes parts of modern day Madhya & Uttar Pradesh. Jhansi is in UP, the next few pictures are in Orchha.

You see Lord Vishnu painting in the Lakshminarayana Temple Orchha. The temple fuses elements of fort architecture in temple moulds. The interiors contain some of the most exquisite murals and walls of the Bundela School of painting. It has paintings depicting scenes from the Ramayan & Mahabharat, fight by Rani of Jhansi, Krishna Bhagwan ki leela.

The Raj Mahal complex in Orchha has very good paintings. This picture is one of the ceilings in Raj Mahal. After hundreds of years it looks very good.

One of the rooms inside the Mahal.

This is a postcard that shows one of the ceilings of Raj Mahal.

The interiors of Raj Mahal are decorated with paintings of Gods and epics. Only natural colors have been used in murals in Orchha. The pigment that was most widely used are Red, Orange, Golden, Yellow, Green, White, brown and black.

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