Ramnagar Fort Kashi

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Entrance to Ramnagar Fort. I took an auto from Asi Ghat to BHU from where you get share a auto to Ramnagar. The fort is not like a Chittorgarh or Amber ones. Entrance is at ground level although when you see from the Ganga (next pic) it is at a slight height. It is 14 kms from Kashi.

On return took a boat (nav) across the Ganga which dropped me to a point from BHU is about a 10 minute walk. U see a reflection of the fort in the Ganga. Left of pic white and red color structure is Veda Vyasa Mandir. Fort is the ancestral home of the Maharaja of Kashi. Current Maharaja resides here today.

As you walk past the entrance gate is a huge open area that you see. Left of pic is a museum, walked thru the entrance into another open area which leads to the Vyasa temple. Maharaja Balwant Singh built this fort-palace in the 18th century.

Lots of people from Andhra Pradesh (as you see) and Sri Lanka that day. The Museum displays a royal collection of vintage cars (full of dust), royal palkis, old swords and guns and ivory clocks amongst others. Also see gold-plated howdahs and ornate palanquins. Honestly not impressive. For a good collection see pics of Jungarh Fort Bikaner Click here

Devotees from Sri Lanka. Since they come to Sarnath (where Buddha gave his first sermon) visit other places of interest in Kashi as well. To see pics of Sarnath Click here

Entrance to Maharaja Palace. Left of pic is the Museum, gate in centre of pic takes you to Veda Vyasa temple.

A view of the ghats from the Veda Vyasa temple - took a boat from there. Bridge under construction seems to be for cycles and people.

A close up view of that part of the fort i.e. occupied by the current Maharaja.

A view of the Veda Vyasa temple. Vyasa is credited to have written the epic Mahabharata. Per local tradition he stayed here for a brief period. To read about Guru Purnima Click here

Group of school children who had come to Ramnagar Fort for a picnic.

Co passengers in the boat. A young college student, a Sadhu and the third was crossing the river to buy some medicines. In background is fort.

I was in Kashi to attend the Dev Deepavali Festival i.e. held on Kartik Purnima which also happens to be Guru Nanak Jayanti. U see me at the Dasashvamedha Ghat with a respected Swami from West Bengal. To see pics of Dev Deepavali Festival Click here

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