AVANI Kumaon

By Sanjeev Nayyar Sanjeev@esamskriti.com | 2012

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I was driving back from Patal Bhubhneshwar enroute to Chaukori when saw board of ngo Avani. It started in 1997, run by Rajnish Jain n his wife Rashmi Bharti. ''A realization of the its founders'' dream to leave the earth a little more beautiful than they found it''. Avani works for development n dissemination of appropriate technology, traditional craft and conservation based livelihood opportunities, making them contiguous within the household.

Pine forests are depriving local people of water, fuel wood and fodder. Pine needles result in soil erosion and cause forests fires. AVANI has developed a 9KW pine needle gasifier system costing Rs 6 lakhs. (that you see in pic). 1.5KW is consumed to run the system, 7.5KW is there for productive use. Work is going on to determine the economics and scaling up of this system. To know more Click here

Lady who works in the power looms to make shawls with her child. In background are living rooms that are powered by solar panels. Solar Water heaters fabrication and installation is being done by AVANI’s Mechanical Workshop. To read more Click here

Lady makes shawl in a big room that houses atleast ten power looms. They make Solar Lanters inhouse and distribute to villagers. To know more Click here

AVANI makes a variety of textiles from natural dyes (they have a shop and also supply to big chains like Fab India). U see some jackets. To know more Click here

U see one of the oldest employees wearing a shawl. They also sell carpets, blankets, scarves. To know more Click here

Floor carvings. AVANI is in Pithoragarh district, about one hours drive from hill station Chaukori ie 1.5 hrs from Bageshwar. To know more Click here

Display of their products. Felt bad could not spent more time there. Do visit their site to know all about what they do. In the short time that was there very impressed with their work, products and dedication. Office was very organised - that speaks volumes of those who have been working there since 1997.

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