By Sanjeev Nayyar | 2012

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Binsar is 32 kms from Almora. I loved the 5 hours that I spent there and hope can spend days walking thru its forests. This gate takes you into the forest area. Hotels are outside the forest area with the exception of Khali Estate and KMVN. In Oct 2012 u pay a toll of Rs 250/ for the car and Rs 150/ per person to enter the area.

Enroute from Almora somewhere close to Binsar saw these lovely kids waiting for the school bus to come. All thru the Kumaon Yatra people of Kumaon esp. children brought a smile on my face. To see pics of People of Kumaon Click here

Pics of mother and grandmothers who were waiting for the bus to come. Happy, smiling, full of life. Mother on left of pic has a mobile phone in her hand like urban counterparts. Found Kumaon women mostly shy but the younger lot are very confident and outgoing.

U drive thru 11 kms of forest the last point being the Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam guesthouse ie what you see. For use by guests they have a huge area from where u get a lovely view of the Himalayas. Lovely place. If you are living in Binsar resorts make it a point to spend a day here and Binsar Point that you shall see later. Note that KMVN, in Oct 12, serve only buffet. Please carry sandwiches, water and if possible tea with you.

An early morning 9.30ish view of the Himalayan Peaks left to right Trishul, Nanda devi and Nanda kot. Nanda Ghunti, Panchachuli and Nepal peaks not in pic. It is at a height of 2420m and 95 kms away from Nainital.

A view of the Panchachuli peaks. U get the closest view of these peaks from Munsyari. To see pics Click here

Beautiful garden in KMVN guesthouse. Lots of flowers and butterflies. Binsar was the summer capital of the erstwhile Chand Rajas (7-8th century).

2 kms walk from KMVN is Binsar Point. It is a great walk thru dense forests. U can get a guide for Rs 250/. Suggest u walk alone though it can get lonely at times. We present many pics of the forest walk. U see the first one.

Since was walking alone got a bit too lonely though loved every minute of it. Met a big Bengali family enroute. Sensing that I was hesitant to walk alone they ragged by asking whether I was feeling scared. Sooner than later the large group found it too much of a walk and decided to return back.

This was one of the few times saw the sky whilst walking. I continued walking alone and guess what met another Bengali group whom I chatted with all the way to Binsar Point.

They were nice enough to take this pic. Inspite of being at the near end of the Yatra, Binsar gave what I call inspirational energy because of which I was walking fast.

The KMVN guesthouse has a board which gives information on local birds. The Guide says that he will show you local birds but did not see any guide doing so. May be that day there were no birds to see.

Walk thru the forest. Loved it.

Somewhere enroute saw Himalayan Peak Trishul thru the trees. On a sunny day get a glimpse of the holy shrines of Kedarnath, Badrinath and Gangotri.

Another pic of me enroute. It is a trekkers paradise. Trek amongst towering Oaks and Rhododenrons. Some caption content taken from KMVN brochure.

This is Binsar Point. The one storeyed structure gives you a spectacular view of the Himalayan Peaks. It was about 12.30 noon by the time I reached. To enjoy this area fully suggest u start walk from KMVN by 10ish and leave KMVN by 4ish to reach your Binsar hotel.

An 12.30 ish view of the Himalayan Peaks left to right Trishul, Nanda devi and Nanda kot. Nanda Ghunti, Panchachuli and Nepal peaks not in pic. Binsar Hill is locally known as Jhandi Dhar. In the night the lights of Almora town look fascinating.

U see Panchchuli peaks. It is a group of 5 peaks in the Darma valley of Kumaon. The group''s name is derived from the Pandavas''s "Five Chulis" (cooking hearths), where they cooked their last meal before proceeding toward their heavenly abode.

View of dense forests.

View of Nepal peaks from Binsar Point. Very distant not as clear.

The Bengali couple clicked this one. Sun direction was such that at Binsar Point all our faces were coming dark. In the backdrop of the Himalayan Peaks u see me at Binsar Point.

This board in KMVN guesthouse shows panoramic view enroute to Adi Kailash Adi Parvat, Om Parvat, Panchachuli, Pandav Parvat and Parvati Tal etc.

A Panoramic view of the all the Himalayan Peaks in the KMVN guesthouse. Taken by one Mr Ajay Shah (if I remember correctly) from Haldwani.

Binsar Temple ie in the forest area.

U see a very happy me at end of a WOW trip to Binsar. Strongly recommend u visit the Binsar Forest Area. Please protect the environment, no plastic.

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