Golf Course Raniket

By Sanjeev Nayyar | 2012

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I was driving through the Golf Course when the driver said see this golf course, very popular. At 5pm was too tired to admire but was there at 7am the next morning. It is amongst the most scenic golf courses that I have seen.

One end of the golf course. Behind the trees are Himalayan Peaks.

Another view of the golf course. Small structure that you see is the office. I have never played golf. In case of any errors please mail me shall correct.

I reached at 7am on a Sunday morning. Saw these boys cleaning up.

Playing golf.

Playing golf.

Pack up time. The golf course is run by the Indian Army.

Another view of the snow-clad Himalayan peaks through the trees. Envy the people who live in Raniket, very beautiful place. Unlike Almora which is a big town Raniket is smaller, fewer people and greener due to the Army Cantonment.

Board gives you names of the various Himalayan peaks.

A view of the Himalayan Peaks.

At one end of the golf course are pine trees. Centre of golf course is a road that you see on right of pic. It connects Raniket with Almora.

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