By Sanjeev Nayyar Sanjeev@esamskriti.com | 2012

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Reached Raniket (1829m) from Dunagiri at lunch time. Raniket or the Queen''s field was established as a cantonment town in 1869. We drove around cantonment/market areas, went to Hedakhan Baba Ashram ie 2 kms away. Stayed at a hotel on the Raniket Almora road at a place called Kanika instead of staying in town. It is quieter and cheaper. U see entrance to Kanika mandir.

I had gone to meet a friend who runs an NGO called www.grassrootsindia.com. Has a lovely home which overlooks the Himalayan Peaks. Was having tea when suddenly saw the reflection of peak TRISHUL in the window ie what you see. If you go in summers visit Chaibatia Garden ie famous for its orchards. Beyond that is an artificial lake Bhalu Dam.

Opp Kanika temple is Royal Mountain hotel. Neat and clean for Rs 500/ per day. Restaurant serves good food. U can have omlette bun at the shops outside the hotel. Nice staff. There is a Golf Course close to the hotel. Raniket is lovely with a great view of the Himalayan Peaks. Something special about Raniket that wants me to go there again.

Sunset view from the hotel. Can also go to Sitlaket ie 28kms away for a great Himalayan view. The market area in Raniket is bustling with activity. There is a Co-operative run by Armywomen where you get woolens, carpets, suits etc.

Sun rise on the Himalayan Peaks. On the Raniket Almora road visit UMANG. It is a network of hill women which sells super hand knitted woollens, organic products, jams etc. To see pics Click here

An early morning 9.30ish view of the Himalayan Peaks left to right Nanda Ghunti, Trishul, Nanda devi, Nanda kot and Panchachuli.

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