Sunderbans Reverie

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A ferry boat near the Sunderbans islands. From Kolkata we reached the starting point, the village of Gadkhali, by car. A 2.5 hr drive. From here we got onto a boat on the Bidyadhari river, which finally took us to the village of Anpur on Satjelia island. Trip duration was two days.

Auspicious coconut and rope at the bow of the MV Bholanath.

A symbol of the Sunderbans tiger on the bow of the boat.

The morning sun falls on travelers on another Sunderbans boat, the Bagh Bahadur.

Masi and me as we foray into the watery world of the Sunderbans.

A village dog awaits our boat arrival.

A submerged mangrove tree.

My cousin using his binoculars to scan the shores for tigers.

A net resembling a basketball hoop, flying above the MV Bholanath.

The beginning of a mangrove forest -- mangrove saplings in the wet sand.

View from a port hole of the MV Bholanath.

Dobanki Canopy walk, inside the core reserve area of the Sunderbans.

A rhesus monkey.

View of a fresh water pool, where we kept vigil for wildlife.

Chital after their fill of water.

M V Bholanath - during the evenings we enjoyed sitting here on the upper deck of the boat.

A rhesus monkey making a warning call and we thought his alarm might be caused by the proximity of a tiger.

Dobanki Camp, location of the canopy walk that allows visitors to experience mangroves more intimately.

Glistening, sandy banks in the Sunderbans exposed by the low tides.

Setting sun and boats in the Sunderbans. To read Travelogue by Natasha Israni click here

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