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All pictures in this section are courtsey and copyright British Museum London. You see Brahma, Malwa region, 1st century AD.

Shiva Nataraja Orissa 13th century. British Museum is a must see atleast once in your life time.

Surya Central India 11th century. Sculptures are so well arranged. Room no 33A is the India section.

4 armed Vishnu Rashtrakuta Deccan 900 AD. See the section on Egypt and Greece, super.

Bracket figure from a stupa gateway in the form of a Yakshi stupa. Sanchi 1st century AD.

Buddha Sarnath, up to 5th century AD. The Museum is spotlessly clean and has a great café.

Buddha Gandhara 2nd century AD. They provide headphones so you can hear as you walk around the museum.

Harihara Vishnu & Shiva combined, Central India Chandela dynasty about 1000 AD.

Yashodhara suckling Krishna, eastern Rajasthan 1000 AD. Visit the bookshop as well, very good.

Shiva & Parvati, Orissa 12-13th century AD. We must be grateful to the British Museum for preserving and presenting these sculptures so well.

Durga killing the buffalo demon, Orissa from Konarak 13th century.

Top: Shiva Parvati, Deccan 1000 AD. Below: Bhairava, Western Deccan Karnataka 12th century.

Male dancer Kerala 12th century or later. Keep one day to see the Museum well, the India section keep one-two hours.

Shiva Nataraja, South India 1100 AD. In case of any errors let me know thanks.

Garuda Tibet 19th century. Acts as guardian of presence. I am lucky to visit the Museum and urge you to visit it with your children.

The Mathura Lion Capital, Mathura Uttar Pradesh 1st century BC/AD - covered with Prakrit inscriptions in Kharoshti script.

Left Surya probably from Sun Temple Konarak Orissa. Right Varaha, the boar incarnation of Vishnu Orissa century 13th century AD.

Stone standing Buddha - Silla kingdom 7th century AD - drapery similar to that seen in Buddhist sculpture from Gandhara. This Buddha is placed in the Korea section.

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