Livelihood College Dantewada

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With an aim to provide vocational training the college was started in October 2011. The local administration created the infrastructure and then tied up with NGO’s to provide training. U see the entrance to the Livelihhod College at Dantewada. Residential facilities are provided to most boy and girl students. College helps students find jobs.

Badminton play area as you enter college. On four sides are training classes that you shall see next. Went there on Christmas Day so attendance was lesser than normal. Local administration created the infrastructure and then invited various companies/NGOs to train the students.

ILFS runs a stitching and hospitality section. U see the stitching section. Adivasi girls are trained on the machines they would used when employed in garment factories. Training is for 45 days training with hostel. About 150 girls who trained here are now working in Chennai.

This is the Hospitality section run by ILFS. Taught how to make a bed, serve food and attend bar amongst others. A number of students got employed with Hotel Babylon, a leading hotel of Raipur. In the same bldg a BPO/office asst and TALLY section by Indian Can - qualification 12th pass. 22 students were placed in Raipur.

This is the Computer Training Room run by Track Computer. One year course, training is for 2 hours a day. Students from BPL (below poverty line) families are taken. Offer a PGDC (post grad diploma) DCA (diploma in computer application) courses. Fees paid by Govt. No residential facilities offered to students of this course.

This is a new section being built with residential facilities. Also train plumbers + train and then give a free toolkit to become Solar Electrician. They repair solar lantern in the villages. It is better to have locals learn and earn money rather than have others do so. Also train students in Retail - how to become salespersons. Some students got jobs with Vardhaman Fabrics Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh.

Very impressive Welding Training Room sponsored by Essar Foundation with all machinery by ESAB. U see a table where students are taught how to weld. Essar have a business unit in the iron-ore mine town of Kirandul. It makes sense for them to get locals trained and employ them rather than outsiders.

In the Welding Room is this machine that teaches them how to cut thick steel plates. High emphasis on safety. Overall I was impressed with the facility. It needs to be extended to every district in Chhattisgarh. By providing residential facilities makes it lot more easier for students. With vocational training students can get jobs anywhere in the country and earn well in both the short and medium term.

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