Loktak Lake

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Loktak lake is about 48 kms from Imphal a few kms away from Moirang. Enroute 16 kms away is the India Peace Memorial. This board is outside the memorial, the RED HILL is just behind. It is here that a fierce battle took place during World War II between the Japanese and British Armies.

Read in detail about The Battle of Red Hill in 1944.

There is a very nice garden in front at the end of which is what you see. There is a panel which reads ''This Monument shall stand as a prayer for peace and a symbol of friendship between the peoples of Japan and India in memory of all those who lost their lives in India during the last world war''. The Japanese also made a Shanti Stupa in Rajgir. To see pics Click here

Minutes away from the memorial is this Japanese temple. The Japanese also made a Shanti Stupa near Bhubaneswar. See pic no 14 Click here

A small canon used during World War 2.

Enroute at Bishnupur is a Vishnu Mandir. It is one of the oldest known brick temples in Manipur and believed to be built between 1467-1506.

View of Vishnu Temple. Lovely garden. It is about 1 km from the highway - no sign board that says turn right. After some effort we found it.

View of Loktak Lake. It is the largest freshwater lake in the Indian sub-continent. End of pic is a mountain - try to see. It is maximum length of 25kms and width of 13 kms. The area of the lake has shrunk from 491 kms2 in 1971 to 236 kms2 now.

Side view. There is a road in between with water on both sides of the lake. Over the years lots of weeds in the water. Work on removing weeds is happening but it needs to happen at a much faster pace. The lake is also known for its tasty fish. Dried fish is one of the most favorite food items in the state.

There is boating via motor boat or peddling. We took a short ride - loved it. Close to the lake is the world''s only floating National Park, the Keibul Lam Jao National Park. It is home to Manipur Eld''s Deer or Sangai also called the Dancing Deer. Due to shortage of time could not visit.

A road connects Sendra island with Moirang. U see Sendra Tourist Complex. It is at a height and in centre meaning u get lake view on both sides.

It has a nice restaurant. On ceiling what you see is used to catch fish. Loktak Lake is also called the only Floating lake in the world due to the floating phumdis (mass of vegetation, soil and organic matters on it.

There are 4, u see two. Very well made with good facilities. It is ground and first floor.

First floor of cottage with lake view. Great place to spend 2-3 days if you want to relax. Reaching is simple. Fly into Kolkata, take a flight to Imphal from where Loktak Lake is about one hour''s drive. I think it is a great honeymoon destination. U can go boating, wander into villages, enjoy wow view of lake and a very cozy cottage.

Locals use small boats like what you see.

A few kms away from the resort are islands one of which is Karang. We took this small boat to reach there. There were 4 of us - the trick is to remain stable if u turn around then boat could capsize. Was nervous whilst going but return was easy.

Village in Karang island. Found the villages and homes to be very clean not only here but all through my drives in Manipur.

Local ladies also make additional income through textiles.

In November 2014 this double bed sheet was available for Rs 1,500/. In Moirang is the Indian National Army Museum do visit. To see pics Click here

We walked around the village. Saw every home had a Tulsi plant and a Dish TV antenna too. To visit Chitrakoot Waterfalls in Bastar Click here

In Moirang town is the temple of pre Hindu deity called Lord Thangjing. Temple is called CHING-NGU THANGJING LAIKON. Tied to bamboo white and colored cloth that you see is there in every place of worship including the Govindajee Temple in Kangla Fort Imphal. In case caption incorrect do write back.

Entrance to temple - yet to be completed. To know more Click here

Manipur gave the world POLO. At the inauguration of the 6th Manipur Polo International 2014 which had teams from various countries. There is a Manipuri Pony as well. The indigenous games of Manipur are wow, great fun to watch and also makes Manipuris very athletic and fit. Will be presenting that pic collection separately. To see pics of Motor cycle drive from Leh to Manali Click here

On day one of Sangai Festival were these artists. They play the dholak and also whilst being in the air as you see. It is a super experience to watch. The festival is organised between 21-30 November every year. To visit Moreh where Manipur shares border with Myanmar, lovely market see pics Click here

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