Pindari, Kafni glacier

By Kavitha Reddy | 2012

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Feels like heaven surrounded by the mountains. Delhi to Delhi is 13 days app cost Rs 20,000/. Route is Delhi, Kausani, Bageshwar, Song, Loharkhet, Dhakuri, Khati, Dwali, Phurkia, Zero Point (Pindari Glacier 12870 feet), Wayaligar, Khati, Dhakuri, Loharkhet, Song, Bageshwar, Delhi. Max height 4,260 metres.

1st view of the snow covered peaks from Dhakuri. Aim is to climb Mt Nanda Khat 6,611 metres. Editor I did the trek to Pindari with 3 others years ago. These pictures bring back old memories. While trekking at night I nearly fell into the Pindari river. Spent the night in a hut since it was pouring. Next morning the hut owner showed how close to death I was.

View of the valley that leads to Pindari Glacier

On the menu, fully Indian style. Editor - When I went all that we got was Potato curry and paranthas and Eggs. Menu has improved big time.

I want to hug all the green, it is heaven.

The magnanimous rocky hill on both sides making the trek more challenging. Editor I remember there rocky hill, in the centre was river, barely place to walk.

Trail leading to Zero point ie Pindari Glacier

Come up people we have a long way to trek

Rare view reaching Zero point ie Pindari Glacier

The beautiful view of the mountain range enroute to Takta camp

Make a place of worship at Basecamp, Ishwar bless us

Rare view from Takta camp

Our base camp with the view of Mt Changuch and Mt Nanda Kot.

View of Mt Changuch and Mt Nanda Kot on a clear day

All girls and boys, pose with the mountains.

The life line J really, kick up the crampons.

All of us anchored, adventure is all about being safe too.

Top view of the mountains from Camp 1.

Closer view of Mt Changuch and Mt Nanda Kot enroute to Camp 1

View of the deadly Mt Nanda Khat from Advance Camp.

Oh, nice one girl, just can see the beautiful pic of Mt Nanda Khat.

Leaving the valley behind, view of the Pinder River flow from the top.

Posing with the beautiful Mt Nanda Devi East right behind.

Mt Mt Changuch and Mt Nanda Kot from Camp 1 on a beautiful day.

The return route and the clouds at Takta Camp.

View of Mt Baljuri covered in the clouds.

Cloud moving away as we descend

Best way to be in the mountains, just enjoy.

The flowers are all over as the snow melts and rains are ready

The tiny yellow flowers that carpet all the ground

Grazing time.

Not only yellow there are more colors to come.

Pindar River gushing down in full speed.

1st person to summit Mt Nanda Khat, Shri Hayat Singh.

Rhododendron season starts!!

Its getting tough, but what the heck, we have time for all the pic!! To know more Click Here

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