The Bhagavad Geeta (Meaning & Import)

Authors of the book are H.H Shri Raghavendratirtha's (Author), H.H Shri.Satyadhyanathirtha's (Author).

This compilation of the Geeta is based on the work of one of the most celebrated pontiffs in the Madhva line of disciples, the much-acclaimed intellectual and litterateur of a high order, Shri Raghavendratirtha, the seventeenth century mystic-saint. All matters discussed on the Geeta appear in the present book in the same literary style in which Shri Raghavendratirtha has presented them in his Geetavivriti, also called The Geetartha Sara Sangraha.

The other book Geeta Pratipadartha Chandrika which has been included here is the simple rendering of the Geeta meaning by Shri Satyadhyanatirtha (first half of the twentieth century), an indefatigable soul committed to the uplift of Vaidika Dharma in general and Tattvavada in particular in the prevalent materialistic atmosphere blowing through the country during his time.

Both these writings, while continuing the strictly adhered to tradition of the Madhva School of not deviating from their preceptor’s teachings, further simplify and elaborate Shri Madhva’s teachings to meet the needs of the contemporary and present day seeker.


Compiler and Presenter

Shri Krishna Anantrao Harnahalli decided to spend his time after retirement in service of his gurus Shri Madhvacharya and Shri Raghavendratirtha, whom he holds in very high esteem. He chose the path of writing as the means to spread the messages of his Gurus.

However, having had no opportunity to engage in serious study of their highly scholarly philosophical works, he took recourse to translating accredited works of well-known philosophical writers. In pursuance of this aim he has so far translated one book from English to Hindi, three books from Kannada to Hindi and one book from Sanskrit/Kannada into Hindi. The present book is his sixth work and is a rendering in English of one of his earlier translations.

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