Thaipusam Festival

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A typical kavadi adorned with peacock feathers and a photo of Lord Krishna: Kavadi.

A different kavadi with some extreme piercing: Kavadi and piercing.

Gender no bar, a girl with cheeks pierced awaits her turn in the procession: Girl_cheek piercing.

A woman carries a milk pot: milk pot.

Typical hoop piercing in the back: Extreme hoop piercing in the back.

Typical cheek piercing. Note the sacred ash smeared around the piercing. It is said to serve as an antiseptic as well: cheek piercing.

Extreme tongue and chest piercing: Tongue and chest piercing.

This is an example of total facial piercing. The forehead has been pierced along with cheeks, nose and lips not to forget the shoulders and chest: forhead piercing.

This is just a section or part of a kavadi. Made from steel, aluminium and brass, one can only imagine how heavy it must be: part of a Kavadi.

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