Naga Temple Batam Island

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Entrance to the Naga Temple. Batam Island is about an hour''s boat ride from Singapore. U get visa on arrival.

Full view of the shrine. Offering platform at the bottom (behind tree), snake banisters and stair case. The Naga is in the centre top.

A close up view, offering platform right in front. Next is Chetan Pandey. U climb up the stairs with snake banisters on either side. Naga is in the centre.

A horizontal close up view of the shrine. Milk tetrapacks and plastic bottles do not make good viewing.

A close up of the staircase, snake banisters. On left and right of main Naga observe how big it is.

A close up view of the main Naga from the side.

Sitting on the Naga.

Claws of the Naga.

Middle of the shrine.

Dvarapala or shrine sentry.

Entrance from outside. There are two guards at bottom of picture.

Close up view of Garuda and above is Hansa.

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