Drive Leh to Manali

By Mohit Midha | 2022

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1. At 15,547 feet with Meri Haseena i.e. Maruti Suzuki vehicle. Mohit did this drive solo. He has done this drive often and has for each pic described the place. First line of caption is by Mohit, the rest are by editor. I did this drive in 1988, hitched a ride from Leh to Manali on a truck. We were a group of 4 trucks, it then took 3.5 days.

2. Leaving Leh early morning. The roads are far better today though terrain makes it tough. This continues to be one of the most exciting road drives in this part of India.

3. Just before starting the climb to Taglangla. Another great drive is Leh to Kargil, Sonmarg to Leh. Try cycling from Leh to Manali. U will see lots of motorbikers on this route.

4. Climbing to Taglangla.

5. Almost at the top. Lot more snow since the journey to Leh.

6. Highway Haseena at the top. It is at 17,582 feet. There is a temple here where one stops. Forget to whom temple is dedicated.

7. Taglangla from the other side. Mohawk mountain as I call it.

8. Love these kind of traffic jams on the More Plains.

9. Heading down to Pang.

10. Pang and the amazing valley beyond.

11. Almost at Pang.

12. Heading to Kanglajal from Pang. Could spend hours photographing this stretch!

13. Approaching Kanglajal.

14. Below Kanglajal.

15. Heading down to Whiskey Nala.

16. Sarchu area.

17. Love the colours.

18. Interesting colour difference at the little confluence this time. Notice the road. Thanks Border Roads Organization.

19. Heading up to Baralacha pass from Bharatpur city.

20. Suraj Tal on the way down the other side. Looked a totally different colour this time with the light.

21. Heading to Patseo. Mohit runs a travel company and is based out of NCR. From his FB posts only seen happy customers. Check

22. The many valleys that meet at Darcha. Pics Drive Leh to Zanskar Valley,-Ladakh-1.aspx

23. Stunning Khangsar. Pics Drive to Tawang

24. Avoiding Rohtang and saving hours. Atal Tunnel. There is a kund at Rohtang Pass from where the river Beas emerges. Pics Drive Leh to Kargil

25. Manali sunset. Pics Cycling Manali to Leh

26. My favourite place for a meal in Manali Always at The Johnson`s Cafe & Hotel, Manali. To see pics of Hadimba Mandir, Manali

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