Mysore Dussehra

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Album has two parts. One are pics of the palace during day and night. Two Dussehra celebrations. Vijaya Dashami day it starts with wrestling match, next king visits Chamundeshwari Temple. Post lunch is a display of Karnataka`s rich cultural heritage. Last Ma Chamundi is mounted on elephant Arjuna, goes through city in procession. U see illuminated palace.

Palace front view about 6 am. It is the day after Dussehra so not so clean. Palace was built in 1912 because earlier one destroyed by fire in 1897. This 3-storied structure has beautifully designed square towers at various cardinal points covered by domes. Craftsmen from Jaipur and Agra along with local workers were engaged in crafting them.`

Central part of palace. Centre top is Gaja Lakshmi flanked by elephants on either side. There are eight forms of Lakshmi, Gaja Lakshmi is one of them. She is an insignia of prosperity.

Same bit lit up. Outlook Traveller says MAISUR owes its name to Mahishasura, the demon slain by Goddess Chamunda. The English spelt it as Mysore. Now called Mysuru.

Palace is lit up in two stages. One is what you see. Second is when the external bulbs come on as was in pic 1. U see the Durbar Hall.

Same bit fully lit up. Pictures are of Mysore Dussehra 2017. Palace cost Rs 42 lakhs to make and was built by Krishnaraja Wodeyar.

I reached Wednesday, Dussehra was on Saturday. Every evening there were cultural events. Artists had come from Phagwara Punjab. Their clothes so colourful so had to take a pic with them.

Side view of palace from Balaram Gate. Palace name is Amba Vilas.

All lit up. Amazing transformation.

Side front view from Balaram Gate side ie north side.

All lit up. White canopy on extreme left of pic is for cultural events. Canopy required since it rained nearly every evening.

South side view of palace.

All lit up.

Front view including Durbar Hall. The inside lights had come on, it was yet to get dark.

Front view all lit up. Now suppose they could use diyas instead of bulbs would it look better.

This pic gives a peep into the Durbar Hall. Ceiling painted very nicely. This is before external lights came on. Note there is a album titled Mysore Palace Inside.

East facing south side view corner of palace before the bulbs came on.

East facing north side view corner of palace all lit up.

Outside palace entrance about 5.45 am waiting for the sun to rise. Colors amazing na.

A end to end view of palace entrance taken from inside the palace.

U see palace entrance in centre. There were so many tourists - very difficult to get a pic without them.

Next to palace entrance side walls lit up too.

Chamundeshwari Temple within palace complex. Left is Balaram Gate entrance ie north side.

Balaram Gate. Centre is Chamarajendra Wodeyar Circle named after king with the same name. The whole city is lit up. Roads, buildings, hotels as if it is one big festival.

Fully lit up moorthi of Chamarajendra Wodeyar in the Circle by his name.

This is what the Chamarajendra Wodiyar Circle looks in the day with palace in the background.

Close up of Chamarajendra Wodeyar.

Road from Chamarajendra Circle to KR Circle or Krishna Rajendra Wodeyar Circle. Road on other side takes u to Jayachamaraja Wodeyar Circle. Lit up just like this.

KR Circle lit up with palace in the background.

This is how KR Circle looks during the day. There is usally lots of traffic.

At cultural event girls performed Bharatnatyam dance. They did really well.

Clock Tower is minutes away from the palace.

Jayachamaraja Wodeyar in a circle named after him.

Loved this pic - side view of centre of palace.

Inside palace is Gopala Krishna Temple. Saw ladies chanting in different ways - some seeing IPAD, reading book or knew by heart. Interesting to see.

On Vijayadashami diwas morning about 11 in palace courtyard there is wrestling. 2 matches. If blood flows from the body of any wrestler (see left of pic) than match is over.

As match gets over current Maharaja walks out of the palace to go for temple darshan. His name is Yaduveera Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar.

Maharaja goes to Chamundeshwari Temple for darshan and returns to palace. From here public festivities take over. Artists perform from about 2 pm.

First performance is folk dance Veeragase Kunita. "It is a symbolic presentation of the heroism and valour of God Veerabahadhra. Its exponents are called Lingadevaru. They perform it with religious fervour at festival time esp during nonths of Shravana and Kartika. The dancers put on white turban like head gear and wear kavi coloured dhotis, rudrakshamala, nagabharanas and a wooden plaque of Lord Veerabhadra on their chest & smear their forehead ears and eye brows with vibhooti. Sporting an unsheathed sword in the right hand and a wooden plaque of Veerabhadra in the left hand the dancers perform a martial dance to the beat of Karadi and chamel drums."

Musicians at work. Great feeling to be there. This time tickets were available on Bookmyshow. Price range from Rs 250/ to I think Rs 4,000/ for VIP stand.

It is called Nandi Kamba. Dance performance consists of an attractively decorated bamboo pole measuring 20-25 feet and 4 inches in circumference. Performance begins with the erection of the Nandi pole ie initially thrust into a `Navara` - the puch worn by the performer. Balancing the pole at 90 degrees, the dancer accomplishes rhythmic movements and intricate acrobats to the emotional tunes of musical accompaniments. Fascinating.

At KR circle. Veeragase Kunita performers. They livened up proceedings. Observe their facial expressions.

At KR Circle. Artists and artists from Karnataka played local musical instruments. Colourfully dressed.

Same road all lit up at night. Mysore Dussehra makes people smile as you see in pic. Lots lots of tourists, lot of colour, lots of business.

At KR Circle. Help with name of dance.

Close up of performing artist. They perform over a 4.5 odd kms walk. Not easy to maintain the same tempo all through. Many people gave them water to drink.

Transgender person on the street from KR Circle. Attracted lots of crowd attention.

Cheering crowds near Indra Cafe. Huge crowds everywhere. Chairs provided on footpath is where they quietly sat. Lots of positive energy.

Minutes away from KR Circle. There is a huge flower market here. In the lane ahead is Devaraja Market. Lots of chat shops.

View of Indra Cafe super food. Serve both local and north indian. Had Punjabi Thali Rs 130/ very filling. Many local restaurants cater to north Indian food tastes. A small shop run by a Bihari served o/s gajar ka halwa.

Action time, loved the energy in performers. Help with details of folk art.

KR Circle. Instruments being played with clinical precision. Help with details of folk art.

Back to Balram gate. See how the performer is balancing on his head. Help with name of dance.

Dance is Dollu Kunitha. "The large drums are decorated with coloured cloth, and are slung around the necks of men. The dances are at times accompanied with songs relating to religious praise or wars."

New clothes for all performers. Note the concentration.

These performers very high energy. Close to Balaram gate is a mosque, seems new construction. Loudspeakers during Azaan disturb one and all, break the tranquillity of the area.

As colourful as it can get. In Mysore visit Folklore and Sand Museums, both enroute to Chamundi Hill. Visit Sravanagelagola 84 kms keep a day. Somnathpura Temple 34 kms keep half a day.

Facial expressions is what one must look out for. In all the running around missed seeing Brindavan Gardens. It is packed during Dussehra.

This game brought back childhood memories.

Awesome dance. Please help with name.

Some more performers. Noise, energy, smiles, happiness is what I experienced. Procession completes 4.5 kms walk to a ground where there are daredevil events. I was too tired to go.

Please help with name of dance.

After performances are over arrival of elephant Arjuna is awaited. On him is the 750kgs Howdah in which is placed Ma Chamundeshwari. First sand bags are placed on the elephant and then howdah placed on them. It is called the Jamboo Savari, starts from Mysore Palace & ends at Bannimantap.

All over Mysore found shops selling eco friendly stuff like what u see. In Mysore hotels at various price points, a decent double room for Rs 600/ a day. Mysore is also a base to visit Coorg. Take a 1 day tour Karnataka State Tourism covers major places. Leaves about 6 am returns 10 pm. I missed doing that.

Palace fully lit for Dussehra. Friends do see Mysore Dussehra. Read about rich Folk heritage of Karnataka Click Here

Mahishasura statue at Chamundi Hills. This trip was enjoyable and successfull because of the aashirwad of Ma Chamundeshwari. To see pics of Mysore Palace Inside Click Here

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