Stepwell Kannur Peralasherry Temple Kerala

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1. I thought step-wells were only in Western and to an extent in Central India. Till a friend Rajeev tweeted about the step-well in Kerala never knew about. Called a pal and ace-photographer Radha if he could help with pics. Within hours Radha connected me with Jitu who happily agreed to click pics.

2. View of the step well from a height. The Sri Subramanya Temple in Peralassery in Kannur district is home to Kerala’s largest step well. It is 14 kms from Kannur town. The temple is known because of this large step well. “Devotees visit the temple to shed themselves effects of ‘serpent curses’ based on their individual horoscopes.”

3. Appreciate the design. Small steps on 3 sides and long steps to enter the step well. One is supposed to remove shoes before walking down to the step well. “Step wells were built deep where groundwater was abundant and the steps make it easy for people to reach the water especially when water levels fluctuate throughout the year.”

4. Pic from back side gives a good understanding of step well design. I thought step wells were built in water deficient areas or in forts but in water abundant Kerala! Visitors take a dip in the step well before entering the temple. “As per the local belief, the waters of Cauvery River mysteriously make their way to the stepwell on Thula Sankramam.”

5. Front view gives you a good understanding of the step well design. “The presiding deity of the temple is the serpent form of Lord Subrahmanya and so inside the temple, one can view many pratimas of the King Cobra.”

6. Snakes (representing Lord Vishnu) and lingas found in temple. Some of the best step wells in India are Rani-ki-vav Patan and Adalaj-vav near Amdavad, Chand Baori near Jaipur.

7. See the number of steps one has to walk down to enter the well. Thanks Jitu for taking the effort to click these pics. Jitu runs an advertising agency in Kannur. To read more about temple

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