Kedarnath Yatra

By Sanjeev Nayyar | 2001

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There is no direct access to Kedarnath. The car takes you upto Gaurikund from where it is a great 14 kms trek to the temple. The path is cemented very laid out with small restaurants along the way. You can trek or take a horse, I would recommend the former. It is a very tough climb, full of zig zags as you see in this picture.

Tradition says that it was the Pandavas who installed the idol of Kedarnath & built the temple. In course of time Sri Sankara renovated the temple. The idol here is swayambhu (self-born), a big round rock that seems to have grown up naturally from inside the earth. The view along the way is breathtaking. Lush green mountains, water, clouds super stuff.

Welcome to Kedarnath - Kedar Peak in the background with the temple town in the forefront. This was my second trip to Kedarnath, the first one was in 1989. It was during the first trip that I discovered that Bhagwan Shiv was my Ishta Devta or personal deity.

Entrance to the Kedarnath Temple. Kedarnath is divine, spend atleast a day in the there and enjoy its surroundings.

Main Temple.

The Rear side of the temple.

The Side of the temple.

Pilgrims having bath in the Mandakini river

Sadhus outside Shankaracharya Samadhi.

Shankaracharya, the man who united Hindus like none starting AD

Aum - picked up from Rishikesh

A view of the Kedar peaks.

A view of the Kedar peaks in the morning sun

On the way back to base camp Gaurikund.

Snow on the way back. Aum Namoh Shivay

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