From Teaching to Enabling Assimilation

Excerpts from article
“The ideal of education that dominates schooling in India is ‘transmission of knowledge’ from teacher to student. A teacher who lives by this ideal will measure his or her own success through parameters such as acquisition of relevant information by the student, comprehension of concepts and ideas, and application of concepts to real-life situations.

In contract, a teacher who seeks to live by the ‘man-making ideal’ would use a completely different set of parameters. These parameters would include development of self-esteem, atma-shraddha, in the student, growth of the student’s character as well as intellectual and physical capacities – atma-bala, buddhi-bala and bahu-bala, and awakening of the infinite potential inherent in the student.

How does one, in effect, accomplish the dual goal of developing dynamic human capacities needed for a mature human personality while, at the same time, master the ‘knowledge-domain capacities’ required by the educational and commercial systems?’

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