Is The Notion Of 'Yoga Injury' Tenable


‘Yoga Injurythe term in itself is misnomer. Since, asana has often been taken to mean, rather unreasonably, a kind of physical exercise, we have started using the term yoga injuryjust we use the term sports injury. The Authors, through this article, have asserted that the violation of basic principles of yoga practices may alone result into some contra-indicative effects that are often termed as yoga injury. In modern days, the reported incidences of so called yoga injury, allegedly resulting from Hathayogic practices, are ostensibly due to violation of basic principles of Yoga. These are some of the issues dealt-with in this article which strongly holds that yoga should not be misrepresented through unwarranted reports, often published in magazines, news papers or web pages, as they amount to defaming yoga, the timeless heritage of the entire humanity. It is high time that we stood firmly by the true nature of yogic tradition and desisted from the so called improvised yoga practices, often found far removed from the very basic tenets of Yoga.

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