Where our 7 Chakras meet 7 SWARAS

We derive energy from the cosmos and the earth. Our body has 7 chakra zones, and each swara resonates with one major chakra. Each swar (with the exact frequency of MHZ (sruti) for each chakra zone. That is the mantra for each Chakra. The basis of sound healing, therapy, and health lies in the symbiosis of both.

Starting from the swar Sa (shadaj) deriving energy from the earth into the mooladhar, slowly the energy moves away from the earth into the energy of the cosmos; through our spinal cord. Re (reshab)swara moves into the back of the swadishthaan chakra, then onto Ga (gandhar) back of the manipura chakra, Ma ( madhyam) back of the anahatha chakra (heart); Pa (pancham) back of vishudhi chakra, then Dha ( dhaibat) back of ajna chakra, then to Ni (nishadh) Sahasra chakra or crown chakra, and finally the Sa next scale ( saptak) or Tar Sa that is the epitome of the energy of the cosmos. After that chakra the human body ends and the eternal cosmic energy frontier starts.

When sung in avaroha (descending) back to the muladhar chakra one by one slowly making a continuous energy garland back and forth. These swaras sung, or played with equal breath intake (as in various disciplines as pranayama, tai ichi etc.) connects the cosmos energy to the energy from the mother earth, in a continuous process. The mooladhara chakra starts functioning when we are in our mothers' womb, the other 6 chakras develop slowly one by one and usually by 21 years all chakras development is accomplished. However the Swaras have to be in the same frequency as the respective chakras.

Please bear in mind, there are several theories and findings, Selfaggio tuning forks for healing has his own findings, so are others...j

The Tibetain chakra bowls method have another view.

All are beautiful paths to sound healing and good health.

It is therefore important we do not attach much significance to what an ordered set should be, rather look into following one system, and focusing and concentrating on each with practically experiencing them, under guidance.

Experience the quietedness of peace, sound healing, a combination of bansuri, bowls and tuning forks. j 

Author teaches how to play the BANSURI. He comes from a tradition of Bamboo Flautists, steeped in the Hindustani tradition. To know more about him and the 4 Pillars of his music. He is deeply interested in raising the awareness of the Bamboo Bansuri. His website is www.mybansuri.com

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