Watercolor Paintings - The best way to EXPRESS YOURSELF


There are a number of ways in which people can express themselves and most of the times; it is mostly done via a ‘creative medium’. Movies, paintings, novels (other types of books), etc. are some of the different ways in which ‘creative or artistic people’ try to express themselves. As far as drawing & painting is concerned, each one of us would have done that at some point in our lives. Though many pursue painting as a hobby, your perspective about painting changes drastically when you look at the art-work of renowned artists or aspiring artists.


Painting is one form of art that has a deep level of connection with Indian tradition and Indian history. There are different forms of Paintings namely Miniature Paintings, Tanjore Paintings, Mughal Paintings, Mithila Paintings, Madhubani Paintings, etc. With modernization, a lot of changes/enhancements have come up in the Indian art form and most of these changes are for the betterment of the art. As far as Painting as art-form is concerned, Watercolor painting is widely preferred by established artists & aspiring artists alike. Watercolor describes the medium, as well as the art form. Many of us might not be aware of its ancient connection and might find it surprising that Watercolor paintings has been in existence since the paleolithic times. During the Egyptian times, Cave paintings were made on the dried animal skin, Papyrus, etc. Times have surely progressed since Watercolor paintings are now predominantly made on Paper.



The beauty about Watercolor painting is that this particular art form requires expertise in techniques like Wash & Glaze. Watercolor paintings are more popular than other forms of painting like Acrylic painting, Oil color painting, etc. In its simplest form, in this format of painting; Watercolors (in which paints are made up of pigments suspended in a water-based solution) are used to create paintings that can appeal to the audience. There are many prominent artists who have used Watercolors to create amazing artwork; yesteryear artists who excelled at Watercolor paintings are Paul Sandby, Thomas Girtin, and Joseph Mallord William Turner. Watercolor is preferred by a wide range of artists since it does not contain any harmful chemicals and it can be used effectively to come up with amazing effects in the painting.


The type of surface being used for watercolor paintings plays a very important role in shaping up the final product. As mentioned earlier, artists prefer paper to come up with such paintings. Some artists make use of cold pressed watercolor paper, whereas some use hot pressed watercolor paper. Hot pressed watercolor paper is more ‘smooth in texture’ when compared to cold pressed watercolor paper. Cold pressed watercolor paper has a bumpier feel to the paper. Painting on hot pressed paper is more difficult to control hence, you should have the right mix of experience & expertise as far as watercolor painting is concerned. Irrespective of the type of paper being used, the artist should be very careful not to overwork the painting.


If you are an art lover or an art collector, you would have faced a problem in discovering ‘genuine paintings’ since it is not possible to cover all the art events happening in each city. If you are planning to buy watercolor paintings from genuine artists, you should have a look at Gallerist. You can find watercolor paintings by genuine artists on the platform. Artists have come up with beautiful narrations of public places, Gods & Goddesses, Nature & Scenery, etc. That’s not all, artist collectors can also have a look at other varieties like Madhubani paintings, Mithila Paintings, etc. on the platform. Have you ever used an online medium for art collection, do leave your experience in the comments section…


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