Philosophical Foundations of Yoga

Philosophical Basis of Yoga, in the light of caturvyuha, has been dealt comprehensively with the purpose of perceiving its utility in understanding the life phenomenon not only in tackling the psycho-physiological problems of man but also to change the entire outlook of mankind for healthy life and living.


From the above discussion it becomes clear that the purpose of reciting prayer contains the seed of philosophical basis of Indian thought and the analysis of which can help us in understanding and elaborating the philosophical basis of Indian philosophy in general and yoga in particular. “Who am I” can be actualized with the help of fourfold strategy popularly known as caturvyuha which is also known as Four Noble Truths of Buddha. If we apply this strategy in our day to day activities we can understand the life phenomenon and this very understanding, in turn, will help us to overcome our psycho-physiological problems and also helps us live a meaningful life.

Author is Principal, G.S.College of Yoga and Cultural Synthesis,  Kaivalyadhama S.M.Y.M. Samiti, Lonavla: 410 403

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