Prayer and Mantrajapa in Yoga

Along with meditational practices, Prayers and the chanting of Mantras form the main part of the spiritual discipline of Yoga. During the special spiritual courses conducted by Kaivalyadhama, a lot of emphasis is given to this aspect along with the regular practice of Asanas and Pranayama. In this booklet we are presenting a select few of them which are customarily used during various Adhyatma Shibirs, Pranayama Sadhana Shibirs and Yoga courses conducted by Kaivalyadhama.

In Chandogya Upanishad it is said:
‘Whatever is done with knowledge, faith and attitude of Upasana becomes most vigorous and fruitful. It means that when done with proper attitude, it gives best results, and for proper attitude it is essential to have right understanding of whatever one is doing.

We have tried to keep it as simple as possible. To make it easy for those who are not able to read Devanagari script, each Sanskrit mantra is given in Roman script as well. We have included brief comments on the significance of Prayers and Mantra Japa, based on the discourses given by Swami Kuvalayananda and Swami Digambarji to spiritual Sadhakas.

The prayers and mantras presented in the PDF file are –
• Significance of Praying.
• Shanti Path: The Peace Invocation.
• Mantra Japa for Chittashuddhi and Manolaya.
• Pranava Japa.
• The Savitru – Gayatri Mantra.
• Tryambaka Mantra.
• Ajapa Japa – So’ham Japa.
• Atmashatak.
• Om Stavana.
• Prayer for the well-being of all.

These mantras are from the Vedas and other books, have been compiled by Kaivalyadhama.

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Om Shaantih.Shaantih.Shaantih.

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