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We have uploaded the entire book ‘Yoga Modules for Institutions of Higher Learning’.

Excerpts from Preface by Shri Subodh Tiwari ‘There have been independent efforts to inculcate Yoga in the institutions of higher learning. However, a systematized and combined effort was missing. A need was felt to have a standard module of Yoga which can be followed in the institutes of higher learning (+12th grade). Absence of a standard Yoga module combined with the fact that there are multiple methodologies or schools of thoughts adds to the confusion.

Considering this view, Kaivalyadhama initiated a process to standardize the Yoga module. It was imperative to get all the Yoga institutes in Maharashtra together and form a consensus on this. Various prominent institutes in Maharashtra were invited and meetings held. After taking into consideration the views and suggestions expressed the draft was finalized. The final module was presented to the Governor of Maharashtra on 4/12/2007.

It is with immense pride with which we say that it is for the first time in India that such a combined effort has been initiated and successfully completed, at the State level’.

The chapters are –

Nos Chapter Title Pg no in PDF file
1 Preface 7
2 Introduction 13
3 Description and Illustration of the Asanas 23
4 Description of Kriyas 46
5 Description of Pranayama 48
6 Guidelines for the implementation of Yoga modules 50
7 Scientific Survey of Yogic Poses 55
8 Benefits of Yoga revealed by modern research 68

Introduction tells you about the various training modules and asanas included in each module. It also gives instructions for the practice and asanas and pranayama.

Part 3 gives name of asana, photograph of devotee doing asana, source, technique in brief, do and don’ts and benefits. Covers about 42 asanas.

For each kriya part 4 gives source, technique in brief, do’s and don’ts and benefits. Kriyas included are Kapalabhati, Tratak.

In Pranayama give source, technique in brief, do’s and don’ts and benefits. Included are Ujjayi, Anuloma Viloma, Surya Bhedan, Bhastrika and Bhramari.

Part 7 is re-presentation of an article by Swami Kuvalayanandaji.

Part 8 has benefits of Yoga revealed by modern research. It includes research on fitness factors, physical fitness and health-related fitness, psychological factors, physiological factors and on health in association with biochemical parameters.

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